I know what you did last summer…

I mean “I want to know what you did last summer.” Or what you’ve been reading. Or all about your new puppy, partner, baby, knitting skills, ability to keep a succulent alive, musical find, craving, checkers strategy, crush, artworks, tattoo, poetry, haircut…

So how? How are you going to share all of those things? HOW?

How can we combine author readings, speeches, the Gathering, parties, panelist bios, the Dealers’ Room, and the Art Show, squish it all down into 5-8 minute chunks, and make it virtual?

Kindergarten style, of course.

We’re kicking off the convention weekend with Show & Tell.

Details on how to snag a sharing slot will be revealed starting at 4pm Central today (Saturday) via Eventbrite for anyone who has registered, and we will start at 5pm and run until we’re out of people who want to share, or Sumana tells us we have to stop. Come find out what your pals have been doing, listen to their brilliance, and tell them about yours.

Register here to join us THIS WEEKEND May 29 & 30 at Visioning WisCon!

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