I can’t think of anything clever to say beyond DANCE PARTY

Yeah, that’s right. We’ve got a swank, exclusive dance hall ready for you, where the music is always exactly the volume you like, the lighting is perfect, and the cover charge is waived because you are SO WELL TURNED OUT.

On account of it’s your kitchen. Or living room. Or possibly (dare I say) your bedroom.

Oh yeah. When the Otherwise Auction winds down, we roll out the bass boosters and crank up the strobe light. Figuratively speaking. We’ve got a dance mix full of Karaoke Kid favorites and disco throwbacks and…pop punk, and we’re ready to hit shuffle and throw down from whenever Sumana says we can start until 11pm Central time.

11pm Central is when the con ends tonight! We’ll see you again starting at 4pm central tomorrow (Sunday).

Register here to join us THIS WEEKEND May 29 & 30 at Visioning WisCon!

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