BREAKING NEWS: There’s Room at Visioning WisCon

Get it? It’s a pun, because we have a lot of room due to being virtual, and because (here’s the news part) Gretchen from Room of One’s Own Bookstore will be joining us for a live Ask-the-Bookseller event at 5pm Central on Sunday (5/30)!

What would I ask a bookseller, you say? WHAT WOULDN’T YOU ASK A BOOKSELLER. I mean, I know Gretchen, and they know a lot of stuff. Including but not limited to upcoming books, the impact local businesses can have on their community, what media is best for working in a closed-to-the-public bookstore, what it’s like when you find out you have to find a new store location and move during a pandemic, and more more more!!!

Also they hinted that they might have giveaways. Maybe.

But wait, there’s more!

Gretchen dropped everything and made us a fantastic list of book recommendations! And it’s not just one list — it’s FIVE lists in a very large overcoat pretending to be one list. CHECK IT OUT. AND they shout out all of your fave indie presses that we usually get to visit in the Dealers’ Room. AND they gave us all a sweet sweet sweeeeeeeet discount code, which you will see in the page text when you visit the recommendations lists. (It’s in allcaps and is easy to find, I promise.)

The events schedule is filling up! Tomorrow: news about another event! After tomorrow and before Friday: announcements about everything else.

Register here to join us May 29 & 30 at Visioning WisCon!

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