Thursday Night Special Event: The Doubleclicks!

We’re thrilled to announce that after our Virtual Reception on Thursday night, we’ll be streaming a pre-recorded concert by The Doubleclicks starting at 9:00pm CDT!

The Doubleclicks, photo by Kim Newmoney


The Doubleclicks are a nationally-touring, Billboard-charting pop band with a cello, a meowing cat keyboard, and songs about anxiety, queer identity, dinosaurs, cats and board games. Their YouTube videos boast over 3 million views and have been featured on NPR, BoingBoing, and io9. Find out more at

We are SO excited to have siblings Laser (they/them) and Aubrey (she/her) on our virtual program this year! If you aren’t familiar with their brand of nerdy tunes, you could start with Cats and Netflix, which they also recently updated for 2020.

Song requests and questions: Laser and Aubrey are happy to accept your song requests and answer questions about the band, but you’ve got to act fast. Please send your requests and questions to OR complete this Google Form on or before Monday, 5/18, at 5:00pm CDT.

If you haven’t registered for WisCon yet and you’d like to see the concert, registration is open until May 20!

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