Who ya gonna call? Someone with an “Ask Me” badge!

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

WisCon is a convention of hundreds of people, dozens and dozens (and dozens) of programming items, a few decades of traditions, and even several pretty brand new things.  Whew!  What’s a body to do when things are confusing and opaque?

Ask Me!  About a dozen members of WisCon’s convention-planning committee have volunteered to be wandering FAQs.  When does the Tiptree Auction start?  Where are the all-gender toilets?  Which way do I go to find the Concourse’s Assembly room??

Our Registration / Info Desk on the 2nd Floor of the Concourse is available, of course, to answer all your questions general and specific about WisCon.  And if you’re a panelist/moderator, the Green Room is at your disposal for panel-related questions.  But if the Registration Desk is closed or you just happen to see a member with an Ask Me badge while you have a question on the tip of your tongue, then please!  Go ahead and ask us.

A WisCon 40 member badge with 'Ask Me' printed in red
You can literally ask me — that’s my badge! 😀

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