Authors! Sign up for the SignOut


WisCon is a really great place for readers and authors to meet face-to-face.  The perfect place to do that is the SignOut on Monday.

Authors!  Would you like the opportunity to chat with your readers and sign their copies of your books/comics/video game?  The SignOut is still able to add you to the event and reserve a table for you.  Just email!

We’re even able to take your request during the convention itself, if space is still available.  So if someone spots you in a hallway and asks if you’ll be doing the SignOut, but you were too shy to sign up ahead of time?  Drop us a line!

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your 99th book or your very first book — the SignOut welcomes all authors who’d like to be available to sign books for readers.

WisCon very rarely has signing opportunities outside of the SignOut, and we discourage asking for signatures after panels so that the room can reset for the next panel and everyone, panelist and audience member alike, can get to their next thing.  Plus, with all authors signing in one place at the same time, for once WisCon isn’t scheduling your favorite thing exactly opposite your other favorite thing.  Everyone wins!

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