Deadlines — the extended edition with bonus features!

Chris Wallish
Media & Communications

It’s only nine weeks until WisCon begins.  How in the world did that happen??  If you haven’t made your hotel reservations yet, now’s a great time to think about it.  The hotel information page on our main website can help you out.  Do you have an unneeded Concourse reservation that you’d like to transfer, or are you interested in trying to find a roommate?  The fan-run communities at LiveJournal and Dreamwidth and the WisCon Google Talk group are great places to put those requests.  And if you haven’t yet registered for WisCon itself, log into your account and take care of that with our online registration process.

Bonus features!

We are very, very pleased to announce that we’re able to offer WisCon memberships via the Daisy Khan fund again.  As Lisa announced it in the (above-mentioned) journal communities:

We have just received the news that the anonymous donor who sponsored the Daisy Khan fund in previous years would like to do so again this year. This fund will pay for the membership of any potential WisCon member who is a Muslim or of Arabic descent. To take advantage of the membership fund, send an e-mail to, alerting us that you are planning to attend and we will arrange for a membership to be paid for in your name. Memberships through the Daisy Khan fund are automatic to everyone who qualifies (that is, who is a Muslim or of Arabic descent). We will have enough time to make sure that a person who qualifies can get a paid membership through this grant until May 20, 2015, two days before the official start of the con. After that, if you notify us, we will do our level best, but we will be relying on string, tin cans, and e-mail. So to be really safe, please let us know by May 20.

Extended deadlines!

Gabby, our souvenir book editor, has extended the deadline for sending in your submissions.  If you’d like to earn twenty sweet U.S. dollars and see your essay in print at WisCon, take a gander at Gabby’s CFS and then get in touch!

Deadline:  April 1

The deadline to sign up for both panel programming and author readings has been extended as well.  Last week a commenter asked the Concom if the results of the work of the current subcommittee would be made publicly available before sign-ups for panels and readings closed.  We have been able to shift our schedules to do so — currently we plan to post the public statement on the subcommittee’s work late next week, so we have shifted the deadline for sign-ups until the end of that weekend.

Deadline:  March 29

Programming sign-up [ account required]
Readings information (You will also need to log into your account to sign up for readings.)

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