Privacy & Safety for WisCONline

Though they are online, everyone who participates in the WisCONline community is subject to both our Code of Conduct and Statement of Principles.

WisCon does not permit any recording of members, whether in video, audio, or photos, without their permission. This same policy applies to WisCONline. Copying or sharing someone’s written comments without their permission will also be treated as a violation of this policy.

Our privacy policy also means that you may not share links to WisCONline spaces with anyone not registered for the convention. This includes posting links to the YouTube streams, or sharing invitations to the Discord server.

We have tried to make the WisCONline platforms as secure as practical. However, they are not 100% private, nor is that practical in an online setting, and so we encourage all members to keep this in mind during the convention.

If during the convention you have concerns about your privacy, or about any other behaviour that contravenes the Code of Conduct—or that you’re concerned about for some other reason—you can get in touch with our Safety team.

  • There will be a Safety volunteer on duty in the Discord server during all hours of scheduled programming during the convention. Their name will appear in the “Safety” section in the list of online members (this list appears at the right of the window in the Discord desktop app). You can ping all on-duty members of the safety team by typing @safety volunteer in any channel on Discord. You can also send an email to
  • The Safety volunteer can take your report over text-based message, or can meet with you in a private Jitsi video conference, as you prefer. If you request, or if there is an ongoing safety concern, they will escalate the report to either the Safety lead on-call or to the WisCon co-chairs.

If you want to contact someone about a privacy or safety concern after the convention is over, you can send an email to our Anti-Abuse team, at

For more information on our efforts to provide a harassment-free environment at WisCon, see the Anti-Harassment section of our website.