Welcome to the WisCon 2022 Virtual Dealer’s Room!

The WisCon 2022 Dealer’s Room is delighted to present this year’s virtual dealers!

For more information about the WisCon Dealer’s Room or to apply as a dealer for next year’s convention, see https://wiscon.net/events/dealers-room/.



Lioness: Ornament for People and Places

I make art jewelry, usually with names, and it sometimes inspires people to write or make other art. (They gave me the Best Fan Artist Hugo Award in 2020 for it. Whee!)



Twelfth Planet Press

A female owned and focused publishing company, publishing fresh, original, well-written work that seeks to interrogate, commentate, inspire or provoke thought.

These are some of our newest books.



PM Press

PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Founded in 2007 by a small group of people with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience, PM Press amplifies the voices of radical authors, artists, and activists. Our aim is to deliver bold political ideas and vital stories to all walks of life and arm the dreamers to demand the impossible. We have sold millions of copies of our books, most often one at a time, face to face. We are old enough to know what we are doing and young enough to know what’s at stake. Join us to create a better world.

These are some of our newest books.



O Human Star

Science fiction graphic novels with LGBTQ characters and themes.



Author K.A. Silva, Graythorn Publishing

Author of urban fantasy (Straw Song) and romantic fantasy (Straw Man) novels through Graythorn Publishing. My books feature independent, thoughtful characters and explore themes of identity, acceptance, and social justice, with humor and heart!



Ana Michelle/Paradisum Publishing

I am a self-published author. I currently have one book out with two more on the way and many more in the works.



Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords Press is a queer woman-owned, wind-powered, science fiction, fantasy and horror small press based in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in diverse and swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near. Our books center queer characters and stories, international and regional authors, fiction from out of this world and more!



SeWeird Galactic Accessories

SeWeird is your one stop cosmic shop for all your ttrpg accessory needs! From dice bags to dice trays to fabulous custom dice, we have all the things you need to bring your stellar soul to the table.



Ila Alexei: Illustration and Design

Ila Alexei is an illustrative artist with a focus on precise linework, working both digitally and with pen and ink. They enjoy story-telling in any form and recently discovered a passion for tabletop roleplaying games.



Caramel Comics

Caramel Comics is an illustration studio run by Carmen E. Schwierking. We focus on art based on nature, both real and fantasy, and the queer experience. Our motto is “A Little Art For Everyone.”



Archimedes Azure Creations

Steampunk, fantasy, and geek handmade jewelry, accessories, hats, and pouches, also oracle readings.



Dragon Abbey Jewelry Design

I work mostly in wire, stones, and Czech glass, and my style influences are eclectic. I pull from historical design, other fascinating cultures, and whatever imaginary world my brain is inhabiting this particular hour. My consistent design elements seem to be 1. Subtlety Is Good, 2. Wearable Art: Quiet Edition, and 3. The Jewelry Moves As You Do.

Come see if any of my shinies sing to you!



A Room of One’s Own

A Room of One’s Own is your local, independent, feminist bookstore: Room offers a wide selection of current and classic fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, local interest titles, gifts, toys, and greeting cards. We also have strong children’s and young adult, women’s studies, and LGBTQ fiction and nonfiction sections.



Serendib House

Serendib House is Mary Anne Mohanraj’s indie business selling books, textiles, jewelry, curry powder, and more.



Fault Lines Series

Jeri is a lifelong author, editor, former publisher, and University Professor (UW Milwaukee Continuing Education and WCTC) under the name Reji Laberje. She worked in nonfiction and biographies for over a decade earning bestsellers and awards. Over the pandemic, using her 25 years of industry experience, she transitioned to adult fiction and the new name with her breakout speculative fiction book, At Fault, the first in a five-book, climate-based saga told in two timelines led by a globally, racially, and gender-diverse ensemble of characters. She hopes to bring a progressively unifying voice to the human experience through her stories.