2023 Art Show Gallery

The WisCon Art Show staff are delighted to present a selection of images from some of this year’s artists!

Bookish Stickers: Quietly subversive stickers, decals, magnets, prints, and more. Nearly all products are handmade in Madison, WI. See more on Instagram or bookishstickers.com.


Clara Cecilia is a tattoo and fine artist from Minnesota currently living and working in NYC. She works in a variety of artistic mediums, predominantly drawings, ceramics, and tattoos. Through her focus on self-portraiture, she hopes to bring new light to the female form (a subject that has long been seen through the male gaze) as well as explore her own struggles with mental illness.


Heather Tatarek is a Madison-based artist who works primarily with ink and watercolor to create abstract landscapes. She is inspired by both real and fictional events, Terrestrial and otherwise. The way land is shaped by water, wind, fire, impact, and other occurrences in nature is of particular interest to her. See h2olandscapes.com for more.

John Cejka makes pottery/ceramics, primarily wheel-thrown and hand-altered pieces. Inspired by older styles of Japanese and Korean pottery, combined with alterations associated with local woodlands and rock formations.

Mary Prince: While I mostly use watercolor for plein air and fine art work, I also like to repurpose my images in more crafty ways.  Pick up one of my new tiaras, and feel like an award winner!

Nevenah Smith makes glass jewelry. See more of her work at nevenahsmithdesigns.com.

SamHain Press: Sam Haney Press is an award-winning book sculptor, freelance illustrator, and jewelry maker from Madison, Wisconsin, who has exhibited in various art shows for over a decade.  She is the secretary for ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, and has worked in SFF publishing as an art director. In her free time, she helps run art shows at conventions in the Chicago & Madison areas. You can find her work and online storefront at https://www.samhainpress.com/ and can follow her on Facebook and Instagram under the alias SamHain Press.

SSHolcomb: I paint dragons and griffins in the style of Medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts. The Medieval Dragon Project began as a fascination with the wildly diverse forms of dragons across Western Europe prior to the year 1600, and how they differ from dragons in modern fantasy art.

See more of SSHolcomb’s work and buy on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SSHolcombArtWorks

Tahlia Day: I make map-inspired abstract paintings with occasional collage and metal leaf elements, as well as digital illustrations building on watercolor elements and occasionally set in the worlds of my other pieces. See more at tahliaday.com or on Etsy and Instagram.


Washboard Press: I make letterpress printed cards and prints exclusively using hand-set wood and metal printing type and ornaments. The process is hands on and analog but can still speak to hopes for a better future. See more at washboardpress.com.

Other artists whose work you can see in the 2023 in-person show include Abranda Icle, Eljay Rich, Helene Coutler, Kat Huddleston, Katherine Olson, Lucero Armendariz-Klaasmyer, and Meredith Dillman.

For more information about the WisCon Art Show, see http://wiscon.net/events/art-show/. While the convention is taking a break next year, we expect to be back for the next WisCon!