a compendium of deadlines

Chris Wallish
Media & Communications

If it’s February, it must be deadline season for WisCon.  Here’s what’s coming up in the next month.

Academic Programming will close to proposals on Feb. 23rd (next Monday) March 2 — http://wiscon.net/programming/academic/ (Deadline extended!!)

The Dealers’ Room will close to applications on Feb. 28th (Saturday a week from now) — hhttp://wiscon.net/events/dealers-room/

The Art Show will also close to applications on Feb. 28th (Saturday a week from now) — http://wiscon.net/events/art-show/

The ever important Parties will close to proposals on March 1 — http://wiscon.net/programming/parties/

The Souvenir Book is taking submissions until March 18 — http://wiscon.net/2015/01/wiscon39-souvenir-book-call-for-articles/

And The Gathering is taking proposals until March 22 — http://wiscon.net/events/the-gathering/

One important non-deadline to note:  Reports of Panel Sign-Up being dead closed have been greatly exaggerated!  Panel Sign-Up will not begin until later in February.  What has passed is the window for submitting a panel idea.  We are now looking over panel ideas & will open Panel Sign-Up soon.

Interested in Readings or the Writers’ Workshop?  We’ll be announcing deadlines for those in the next two weeks!  Don’t touch that dial.