Hotel & 6th floor discounted room lottery deadlines are 4/25!

Our hotel reservation deadline is THIS TUESDAY, 4/25!
If you’re attending WisCon in person this year, you only have until Tuesday before our discounted room block closes! Please make your reservation by April 25 so that you can get our special discounted rate and so that your room counts towards our hotel contract. (Cancelled reservations don’t count towards our contract, so please only make a reservation if you plan to use it.) You can make your hotel reservation by visiting the Concourse’s front desk, using the Concourse’s reservations link for WisCon, or calling the Concourse at 1-800-356-8293 and telling them you’re part of WisCon’s room block. If you have a hard time getting a room using the web link, please call! For more information, visit our Hotel page.

6th Floor Discounted Room Lottery deadline also THIS TUESDAY, 4/25!
Being able to stay in a room in the Concourse Hotel is one of the pleasures of WisCon — and also one of the biggest financial barriers to attending the convention.  As part of our commitment to affordability, each year WisCon is able to provide a limited number of rooms where WisCon pays for the Saturday night of the stay.  We hope that offering this discount can help just a few more people get to WisCon by making your stay a bit more affordable. To be eligible, you must already have a room reservation at the Concourse that covers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. You may be staying longer, but you must at least be staying on these three nights.  More information at

Noise caveat: Because the rooms that are marked as “eligible discounted sleeping rooms” are on the sixth floor, that puts them on the same floor where many of the parties are held in the evenings and also where the Con Suite is. This means that there’s more noise generated by foot traffic, elevators, and so on. If you are someone who needs a very quiet room with not many people passing by at all hours, then the discounted rooms may not be a good fit for you.

To enter the lottery for a discounted room, please complete the Google Form at the link below. Entries are limited to one per party – that means if you have roommates for the booked room, only one of you should apply. If you received funds from the WMAF, you are still eligible for the room rate discount as well! Please don’t self-reject!

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