WisCon needs more organizing volunteers!

WisCon needs more ConCom volunteers! We need 5 more organizing volunteers to make WisCon run smoothly this year. With WisCon only seven weeks away, this is the perfect time to join!

You’re not alone: Every one of these 5 roles has an experienced Lead to act as trainer and mentor. Volunteers support each other at WisCon, if we know support is needed! If you and a friend would like to share a role, email us and Personnel will do our best to make that work!

Safety Co-Lead: Do you love meeting others at WisCon, help direct people to the right places, and help others? In this role, you’d get to provide training & guidance to Safety Volunteers. Communicate with Con Chairs and/or Anti-Abuse as needed. Receive and respond to reports appropriately. Safety procedures are well-established. You get to build supervisory skills to improve safety at WisCon. Mainly a during-WisCon role.

Join the Registration Team! We literally can’t have WisCon if we don’t register members!
Registration Co-Lead(s) At-Con : If you love meeting lots of cool people, this is the role for you. You will be stationed in the center of WisCon for much of the weekend, with the option to schedule others to cover the registration desk so you can attend programing. Primarily an at-Con position.
Program Book Coordinator: Do you love to fit information into print formats? You would edit, lay out, and get the (very not-fancy this year) program book printed using existing templates and procedures. If you are local or coming to Madison early, you would also get to run copies to and from the printer’s. This role could be split into Editor and Runner.

Hotel Event Spaces Organizer: Coordinate with WisCon to ensure that each event space is set up as needed. This is a pre-Con position, plus setup/teardown checks Friday and Monday at-Con.

Hotel Room Blocks Responder: Coordinate with WisCon to ensure that the correct number and type of rooms are reserved. This is a pre-Con position, with a possible surge of activity immediately pre-Con.

Time: Unless marked otherwise, the pre-Con roles take 1-5 hours each week, plus extra time for some closer to the convention. Some roles have tasks during WisCon, some don’t.

Action: If something here catches your eye, or if you’re not sure what you’re interested in, then email personnel@sf3.org to schedule a conversation. Personnel will match your interests with WisCon’s needs. Remote options available!

We also have openings for Twitter Specialist, Facebook Specialist, Personnel Chair, Comms Co-Chair, Online Workshop Manager, Safety’s At-Con Volunteer Scheduler, Safety’s At-Con Volunteer Recruiter, Trans & Genderqueer Safer Space Organizer(s), Disability Safer Space Team Member(s), Dessert Salon Apprentice/Co-Lead, Art Show Room Set-Up Apprentice, Restaurant Guide Coordinator, Restaurant Guide Updaters, and Access Team Members! These roles also have training mentors available.

You might want to join WisCon’s ConCom! Organizing with WisCon is a great way to meet wonderful WisCon people, practice and develop a variety of organizing skills, and learn how conventions can be run. Plus, it looks great on your resume or author’s bio! Email personnel@sf3.org to schedule a conversation!

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