WisCon on break in 2024 – A chance to recover and plan

The Board of WisCon’s parent non-profit, SF3, and the WisCon ConCom have come to a consensus that we won’t be planning to run a WisCon as usual in 2024: our leadership bench is very thin, and with the ongoing pandemic and challenging political situation in the US, folks are getting worn out. We need some time to rest and figure out how we can continue WisCon in a sustainable way.  If you want to be involved paving a path to the next WisCon, join us for a planning session this Memorial Day Weekend and make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter, where we’ll be posting updates.

We’re still absolutely putting on a con this May, and we’re going to do our very best given the people and resources we have available! We know this is scary and a big change, but we believe it gives WisCon the best chance to continue in the long run. Huge thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time and donated funds to enable us to host WisCon both last year and this year!

If you haven’t registered for WisCon yet, now is a great time! Both of our amazing Guests of Honor, Martha Wells (she/her) and Rivers Solomon (fae/faer), are planning to attend in person, and so far we’ve sold about 200 in-person memberships out of our 600 person cap on in-person attendance. Register to attend WisCon online or in person and complete our Panel Interest Survey by 3/10 to tell us what kind of programming you want to attend at WisCon.

Need a hotel room? Our special discounted rates at the Madison Concourse are available until 4/25. We have to fill up all of the rooms in our block or else we’ll owe fees to the Concourse. (This only counts for reservations actually filled, not cancellations, so only reserve a room if you plan to use it.)

We look forward to celebrating our 46th WisCon together with you in May before we take our much-needed break. We’re so grateful for all of your support!

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  1. Hello!

    I know you’re on a much needed break and want to support you through that, so if this isn’t the right time for this, no pressure. As someone newer to the Madison area I am looking for ways to get involved. I’d love to lend a hand either with event planning or volunteering or whatever you may need. I’m a full time realtor by day, but am super flexible in that schedule. If you ever want to grab coffee or chat or whatever about nerdy things, I’d love to get the chance to learn more about the event and ways to help support awesome nerdy feminism and get more involved in the community.


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