Viddinging WisCon!

Okay, that was funnier and/or punnier in my head, sorry.

Even though we aren’t having a convention in the Madison Concourse Hotel this year, we’ve got the technology, and we can share feelings from afar — experiencing WisCon’s 11th Vid Show, but: online!

The Vid Show will be Visioning WisCon’s closing event, and we’ve cleared out three hours just in case everyone’s feelings overflow like some sort of bubblebath-related mishap, except with more neurotransmitters and zero heavy perfumes. Do we have enough vids for three hours? Do we have enough opinions and thoughts for three hours? HAVE YOU LITERALLY EVER MET ANY OF US? (Maybe you haven’t! Maybe all of your WisCons so far have been virtual and you only lurked! That’s totally legit, but trust me: yes, we could do it on opinions alone.) It’s kicking off at 8pm Central time on Sunday night (5/30), and winding down around 11pm.

For the uninitiated, “vids” are fan-made remix videos with something to say. As is usual for the WisCon Vid Show, there will be subtitled vids, a sing-along portion, and short shows on various themes.

The big difference this year is that since we’ll be using Kumospace, you can chat to your neighbor by voice or text within the convention space WITHOUT bothering anyone else and accidentally making a life-long nemesis! More details soon on how that will all work (making screenshots: so boring, so necessary), so stay tuned.

In the meantime, whether you miss hanging out in a darkened hotel room watching vids with your friends or you’ve never been able to make it in the past, join us — we hope you’re as excited to watch some curated vids as we are!

Register here to join us May 29 & 30 at Visioning WisCon.

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