WisCONline Updates

The ConCom is hard at work planning WisCONline events for Memorial Day Weekend, and we wanted to give you all a few updates.

Workshop Track Cancelled
We’d like to announce that the ConCom has cancelled the Workshop track for this year. All workshop submissions we received will be marked as deferred to next year, when the Workshops department can revisit them.  Please direct any questions or concerns about this announcement directly to the co-chairs (chair@wiscon.net).

Yoon Ha Lee Unable to Attend Virtual WisCon
We’d also like to announce that Yoon Ha Lee, one of our WisCon 44 Guests of Honor, will be unable to participate in this year’s virtual con. We have invited him and Rebecca Roanhorse to attend WisCon 45 in addition to next year’s Guests of Honor, and we look forward to their replies as their schedules become more clear.

The Floomp is ON!
The Floomp is ON for this year — ONline, that is! The Floomp organizing team will be hosting a virtual dance party during our all-online WisCon 44. This year’s Floomp theme will be ROBOTS. The dance is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, with exact time and more details to come.

4 thoughts on “WisCONline Updates”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up for a virtual event! Just a suggestion… ask for annotated lists of great SFF folks in the WisCon community are reading recently and share those lists…. WisCon is where I learn about (or buy!) what I’m going to read for the year.

    1. Hi Clare! Thanks for writing! That’s a pretty cool idea. We’re a little time-crunched at the moment, but I’ll reach out to you over email and see what we can do. – Kit

  2. When will participating authors (reading, academic, etc.) be given dates/times and details for how to submit video content? Thanks!

    1. Hi Colette! Thanks so much for your patience with us! This information is finally starting to go out (I think Readings has already sent theirs and I expect Academic will do soon). The deadline for all video content (video + script) is Thursday, May 14, 2020, at 11:59pm US Central time. The link to upload should be sent to you by Readings/Academic/etc. We’ve posted instructions for recording a video and instructions for getting captions. Thanks again for writing! – Kit

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