Volunteering Roundup for WisCon 43!

WISCON IS NEXT WEEK!! Where does the time go? That’s a question that’s probably unanswerable, but we have one we can answer: Who makes WisCon happen? Answer: YOU! <3

We can’t have a convention without you there, and we have an even better convention with a little help from you. If you volunteer at least six hours total and fill out one of the blue volunteering forms you can find at the registration desk, you are eligible for up to a 40% rebate on your membership, if you choose. And if you volunteer less than six hours, you’ll still be eligible for our volunteer gift, available for pickup from the Registration Desk beginning Monday morning. Come join us! J O I N U S S S S.

Questions? Email personnel@sf3.org and we’ll be thrilled to answer them.

Make First Contact at Registration!
We have a variety of times and duties available beginning Thursday evening, and running throughout the convention. If you’ve never helped out with Registration (or just want a refresher), we will offer group training Thursday afternoon, and individual training as needed before shifts. If you have experience with registration, or are simply willing to take on a bit more responsibility, you can also sign up for a shift as a Table Manager. Table Managers handle all sales, and also are the first point of contact for any complications or inquiries from online orders. Visit https://signup.com/go/xRrpoFp to grab some shifts!

Bake Sale Needs Bakers & Volunteers
Our sale of tasty treats to benefit Tiptree will be on Friday during the Gathering! If you like to bake, now’s a great time to check out our guidelines and plan your recipes. We’re also looking for volunteers to help serve our delicious, member-made delicacies. Sign up and get your volunteer hours out of the way early in the con!

Blue Tape Volunteers Needed!
WisCon’s Access department is looking for Blue Tape volunteers. We have several shifts open throughout the con to tape and re-tape marked seating in convention spaces. The job may require bending down on hands and knees to tape floors, ability to lift and move chairs and tables (with help), and social flexibility and patience when working around hotel staff as they set up.To sign up for a shift, please visit https://signup.com/go/eDwuPQH or email SarahTops at access@wiscon.net.

Con Suite Needs YOU!
We know that WisCon’s Con Suite is a crucial part of making the con affordable, accessible, and low stress, but making it happen takes people. Can you help? We need folks for food prep tasks (including some you can do sitting down), setup & breakdown shifts that happen before or after the rest of the con, meal service, and, of course, cleanup. Many hands make light work, as they say, so come be a Con Suite hero! See what volunteer shifts are available here: https://signup.com/go/LCshkGa If you have any questions about volunteering in the Con Suite, please email us at consuite@wiscon.net.

Do You Like to Work with Kids?
Kids’ Programming needs volunteers during all daytime programming hours. You might be assisting with materials for a craft activity, building Lego or jigsaw puzzles with the kids who don’t want to do the main activity, or firmly redirecting the energies of a kid who doesn’t want to do the main activity and is trying to have a swordfight in that space instead. Choose the activity you would like to assist with at https://signup.com/go/PrtYSkg

Help Out with the Art Show
The Art Show needs people to set up on Thurs-Fri, to staff the sales desk on Sat-Mon, and to tear down on Monday. If you haven’t worked in the Art Show before, we’ll show you what to do! Check out the available shifts and sign up at https://signup.com/go/CxcQjqT

Swap, Swap, the Clothing Swap!
Our Clothing Swap is back this year on Friday during the Gathering, and we’re in search of people who can:

  • Help hang, sort, and set out clothes 11am-1pm (help for twenty minutes or the whole time!)
  • People who can help keep things organized between 1-4pm (help for twenty minutes or the whole time!)
  • People who can bag any leftover clothing for donation starting at 4pm (this needs to get done so we can use the room for programs, so we’d be very grateful if you can help until the task is complete!)

Please email personnel@sf3.org if you can commit some time to help us out.

Make Someone’s First WisCon a Friendly One!
Every year, we help to orient new folks to WisCon by assembling groups of people to venture forth from the hotel to go out to dinner together. We need people to lead those groups! The only qualifications are that you’ve been to WisCon at least once before, and you’re interested in meeting new people. You can choose a restaurant ahead of time, and we can suggest a few for a variety of budgets and preferences if you like — and you can even take a group to dinner at the Con Suite if your budget doesn’t stretch to dining out. Contact access@wiscon.net or personnel@sf3.org to let us know that you’re interested, and we’ll tell you more! P.S. Leading a group for the First Dinner counts for three hours toward a volunteer rebate and qualifies you for this year’s volunteering gift!

Get Your Gaming On
WisCon is looking for volunteers to help run open gaming on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, from 8 pm-12 am. Responsibilities mostly revolve around WisCon’s game library; getting it out at the beginning of the night, putting it away at the end of the night, and making sure none of it wanders away in between. In addition, volunteers will play games and help make the open gaming space welcoming and enjoyable! Please email gaming@wiscon.net if you are interested in helping out in this way. Even just a couple of hours would help a lot!

Hosts Needed for the Trans/GQ/GNC Safer Space
Trans/GQ/GNC safer space needs hosts so we can stay open through the convention. We’re asking for people to consider doing one or two ninety-minute shifts. Contact tgqsaferspace@wiscon.net for more information.

Make a High-Visibility Fashion Statement Volunteering with Safety!
You’ve probably seen Safety volunteers in past years, because we do our best to make them hard to miss. They walk around the convention spaces carrying a binder while wearing an eye-catching (and stylish) high-visibility neon vest. It’s a great way to meet new folks and to see the whole convention — a Safety shift means you’ll move around the con, dipping in and out of parties, events, panels, workshops, readings… You’ll be asked to be observant, to listen respectfully to folks for whom the convention or other people have created stress, anxiety, or anger, to hand out taxi vouchers, to point out the restrooms, and to contact the appropriate person if you discover a problem that can’t be solved with a quick chat. Safety welcomes folks who use mobility devices, or who can only make time in their schedule (or spoons budget) for a single shift.

Sign up now to let us know when you are available to lend a hand by visiting this form: https://signup.com/go/wBOZNSs

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