Update Your Availability for Panels for WisCon 42 by Friday, March 30th!

We love that so many people sign-up to be panelists every year!

What we need now is your availability so we can schedule panels at the best time for all the panelists.

You will need a WisCon account in order to view the availability form. If you don’t have an account, create one at the “Create Your Account” page. For those with an account already created, go to “Log in to My Account” page. You should see the link to the form once you have logged into your account.

Please let us know your availability by March 30th!

As always, questions/concerns/feedback can be sent to program@wiscon.net.

Jackie Gross, Lead Panel Programming

JP Fairfield, Panel Programming

Jennifer Cross, Panel Programming

WisCon 42

2 thoughts on “Update Your Availability for Panels for WisCon 42 by Friday, March 30th!”

  1. Hi, Jackie & JP & Jennifer, I totally spaced out signing up or programming this year. Is it still possible to do so? I’ve paid for an in-person membership, but I will probably be virtual.

    If it’s not possible, no problem. (My bad. Next year I’ll remember.)


    1. Hi Eileen! I’ve forwarded your message over to Panels and asked them to email you back. Thanks for reaching out! Best, Kit

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