WisCon 41 at-con newsletter — A Momentary Taste of WisCon, Friday edition


This is it.  It all starts today.  Do you have your Pocket Program Book (pick up a paper copy at Registration or W41_PPB-web)?  Or the WisSched app on your smart thing?  (Or both, who are we to judge?)  Have you started to get the lay of the land?  Con Suite’s on 6; Art Show‘s on 1; Registration/Info Desk is on 2.

Don’t forget to get some sleep.  Eat a meal or 2 (or 3!).  Have some fun!  And, by all means, let’s get started planning that revolution, comrades.

Today’s big events

The Gathering

  • 1- 3:45pm
  • Capitol/Wisconsin (2nd floor)

The Gathering is the official start to WisCon — every year on Friday at 1pm sharp!  This is the time and place to decompress from the rigors of travel, meet friends old and new, make the transition to WisCon space-time, and get into the WisCon frame of mind!

What’s happening at the Gathering this year?  This blog post will give you fuller details, but here’s a quick list:

  • Icebreaker Scavenger Hunt
  • Clothing Swap
  • Nail Polish Swap
  • the Fiber Circle
  • Gadget and Device Petting Zoo
  • Fancy Hair Braiding
  • an E-Textiles Activity
  • Tabletop Games
  • Lock Picking
  • Tiptree Auction Preview

First WisCon Dinner

  • 5:30-7:30 PM
  • Outside the Wisconsin Ballroom (2nd floor)

Is this your first WisCon? Or are you a long-time WisCon attendee? Either way, you are invited to meet up as a group right after the end of the first panels (5:15 pm) outside the doors of the Wisconsin ballroom. After meeting, we’ll all head over to a local restaurant. You will be responsible for the price of your meal and for providing the sparkling wit during the meal. For those of you coming to WisCon for the first time, this is a great way to meet and get to know others that share your passion for feminist science fiction and fantasy. And if this isn’t your first WisCon, please join us as well—it’s a great way to meet even more new friends and besides, the first-timers will be looking to you for advice!

Art Show

Opening Reception

  • 6-7:30pm
  • Senate (1st floor)
Come to the Wiscon Art Show and meet the artists. Ask about their work, hear about their process.


Stop by the WisCon Art Show and vote for your favorite art and artists! Voting will open at 6pm on Friday, beginning during Meet the Artists, and will remain open until the Art Show closes at 6pm Saturday evening. This year’s categories are:

  • Best in Show (You’ll have the option to nominate an individual best piece as well as picking an artist.)
  • Best 2D Art
  • Best 3D Art, Non-Wearable
  • Best Wearable Art

Opening Ceremonies

  • 7:30-8:30pm
  • Capitol/Wisconsin (2nd floor)

WisCon welcomes everyone and officially begins the weekend of programming. Guests of Honor are introduced, the Tiptree winner is crowned, and there’s usually some form of entertainment. This is also the time for last-minute announcements and an explanation of some of WisCon’s policies. This is a great event if it’s your first WisCon!


Set-up help needed

We have Braille compatibility kits this year for Pandemic and 7 Wonders, but we need some help setting them up! In particular, we need someone who can read Braille to set them up. Please contact gaming@wiscon.net!

Sign up for tonight’s games!

Want to sign up for tonight’s games?  Drop by the Gathering (1-3:45pm in the ballroom on the 2nd floor) or email gaming@wiscon.net.  For full descriptions of the games, check out this blog post.


  • RPG
  • Friday, 8pm-12am
  • Conference 3

Strange Gravity

  • LARP
  • Friday, 8pm-12am
  • Conference 4

Weekend drabble  challenge!

In the fanfic world, a “drabble” is a work of fic that is very short. More traditionally, “drabble” designates a work that is precisely 100 words long. The constraints of the form, and the challenge they bring, are what makes drabble-writing so fun!

For the WisCon FanFic Drabble Challenge, we’ll be accepting works that are 100-250 words long, from any fandom. Though, the challenge would be to create a work that’s exactly 100 words long — bonus points toward your No Prize if you can manage this!

These works will be included in a collection on the Archive of Our Own. The challenge opens on Saturday at noon — stay tuned for the details of the challenge and how to join in!

The once & future WisCon

WisCon 41

We know things just got started, but as your weekend wraps up please take a moment to fill out our surveys and let us know what you thought and how we can keep improving the convention!

WisCon 42

Did something just happen in a panel to spark a great idea for next year’s WisCon?  Yes, we are taking programming suggestions for WisCon 42 already!  Just complete this form on our website.  No login necessary, but if you do log into your WisCon account you’ll receive an email confirmation of your submission.

WisCon 43

Yes!  We are already planning WisCon for 2019!  First and foremost — who would you like to see as a Guest of Honor?  This blog post talks more about how to nominate someone (and what the process after that is like).  To nominate, just drop a short email to gohnoms@wiscon.net.

Today’s Con Suite menus

This blog post has the full list of menus for the weekend.

Friday dinner

  • Chicago style Italian beef on rolls (GF rolls available)
  • Spinach & potato curry (vegan, GF)
  • Creole roasted sweet potatoes (vegan, GF)
  • Gingered veggies (vegan, GF)
  • Rice

Got an hour or two to volunteer? #WisConGiveBack

What makes WisCon go are the volunteers. Have a free hour or two? Would you like to help out and earn a rebate on your membership?  If you’re up for volunteering, please email us!  volunteers@wiscon.net

  1. We always have a strong need for folks who can help out in the Con Suite.
  2. We also have a regular need for volunteers at Registration Desk and the Art Show desk.
  3. Other specific needs are added as needed to the blog’s volunteers tag.

Need to contact Safety?

Reminder:  Our Code of Conduct

  • email:  safety@wiscon.net
  • phone:  608-957-7233 (957-SAFE)
  • reporting form: wiscon.net/report

Or look for one of our on-call Safety volunteers. They’re wearing bright yellow/green high-visibility vests.

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