WisCon 40 — Announcing the activities for The Gathering

Jackie Lee
The Gathering

The Gathering has many returning events this year, along with some new ones.  Thirteen activities in all!

Swaps old and new rely on your donations. Per usual, please bring clean clothing you’d like to get rid of at the Clothing Swap — and continuing a new tradition started last year, bring any good-condition bottles of nail polish you’d like to get rid of at the Nail Polish Swap. Finally, this year we’ll have a Book Swap for the first time at the Gathering. If you’ve ever had a book that you read, loved, wanted to get rid of, but hesitated after thinking, “This needs to go to a WisCon person…”, bring that book along! [Bonus: You’ll have room for the books you buy at WisCon in your suitcase!] Feminist sf/f especially welcome. For all three swaps — clothing, nail polish, and books — you are welcome to peruse and take things home with you even if you don’t have anything to donate.  In the feminist utopia there is no currency!!

In addition to swaps, the Fiber Circle returns for those who knit, spin, crochet, and so forth.  The concom’s Anti-Abuse Team will be available to answer questions you might have while also providing some social justice coloring materials. We’ve also got a non-themed Coloring Table — bring any favorite coloring pages or supplies!

Steven Universe fans — you can Create Your Own Gemsona!  And we’ll also have Tarot Readings, Fancy Hair Braiding, and Temporary Tattoos.

WisCon’s Gaming team will staffing the Puzzling! table, where you can work on jigsaw puzzles.  You can also talk to them about gaming that will be held later in the convention, or maybe even sign up for an RPG.

As always, the Tiptree Auction Preview will be happening at the Gathering so you can you can view and write bids.  This year, Space Babe blasters are happening. Aww, yiss.  Pew! Pew! Pew! ZAP!!  Take THAT, kyriarchy!

And, of course, we’ll have Coffee, Tea, and Subversion — this year hosted by the SF3 Fundraising Committee, who will be doing their best to subvert you to the cause of WisCon’s Member Assistance Fund.

Come join us at the start of WisCon — find old friends, make new ones, or just bask in the atmosphere of like-minded feminist sf/f fans. It’s a warm start to a great weekend.

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