WisCon 40 — Announcing our party lineup

Gretchen & Sooshe

A good part of the fun at WisCon is the numerous member-hosted parties. Here is the lineup for WisCon40. Check your pocket program or the WisCon app to get the correct time, location, and additional details of each event. See you at WisCon40, and party on, people!

Friday’s events

Carl Brandon Society Party Up!

  • Friday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford of The Carl Brandon Society

Colo(u)r your world(s) with the Carl Brandon Society in celebration of POC representation in the fantastic genres. Make crowns, win award-earning books, give donations, hear about progress in our many programs, hang out. And remember: If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! (A Think Galactic Party)

  • Friday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Jacob Daniel Casella and Elijah Itah of Think Galactic

At SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! we want to collect passages and quotes from spec fic stories that have been meaningful or transformative to us personally. Please consider the story that made you realize you loved sci-fi or something you read that shifted your viewpoint, something that resonates with where you are at or want to be, or just a beautiful bit of writing that feeds you. We encourage you to bring short pieces of fiction to share. Also, come dressed as people in need of saving and/or saviors and/or wearing implements of saving. We’d love to see folks in armor, doctors, survivalist gear, life preservers – for example. SCI-FI SAVED MY LIFE! is brought to you by Chicago’s premier leftist sci-fi book group THINK GALACTIC. The current reading list is on thinkgalactic.org.

Saturday’s events

Haiku Earring Party

  • Saturday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Elise Matthesen

The Haiku Earring Party is back after last year’s hiatus! Come be part of a WisCon tradition. There are many many pairs of earrings waiting for you to choose yours, get a title from Elise, and write a haiku. (Well, senryu, usually, but we’re flexible. We’ve even gotten the occasional sonnet.) Come and write, or just come by to visit and read the poetry.

Vid Party

  • Saturday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Melissa Getreu, Sandy Olson, Alexis Lothian, and Gretchen T.

Vids are fan-created remix videos with something to say. They are also super fun. Come join us at WisCon’s 7th annual Vid Party! As usual there will be a sing-along portion with subtitled vids, as well as short shows on various themes (to be announced). #VidParty

Will Do Magic For Small Change Book and CD release Party

  • Saturday in Conference V
  • Hosted by Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan

This is a release party for Andrea’s new novel, Will Do Magic For Small Change and Pan’s CD–which is songs from Andrea’s novels Redwood and Wildfire and Will Do Magic For Small Change, and from Andrea’s novelette Saltwater Railroad. We’ll do singing and theatre and eat yummy food and get everybody to tell tall tales.

Saturday Night DDP Yoga Party (and Dance Off)

  • Saturday in Conference II
  • Hosted by Jacqueline Gross and Mikki Kendall

We know that yoga can be appropriated but can it also be gendered? Join us as we plumb the mysteries of DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) Yoga, as well as other sources. There may also be dancing at the end. This is a very casual activity. Come ready to laugh and sweat.

Floomp VI: Time Travel

  • Saturday in Assembly
  • Hosted by Liz Gorinsky and Meghan McCarron

Continuing a six-year-old WisCon tradition, The Floomp is a gleeful dance party that seeks to create a queer space for everyone. Beyond the obvious fun of dressing up and dancing our brains out, we aim to foster an inclusive and responsible space for the queer-identified and all their friends. Like its inspiration, The Tiptree Awards, The Floomp remains a safer space to explore and expand ideas of gender with no judgements. DJ Buckminster Fuller and other special guests, including Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz, will keep the party going all night—or at least until the hotel kicks us out. This year’s theme is Time Travel. Adherence to theme is by no means required, but it’s a fine time to break out your best historic or futuristic duds if you have them.

Sunday’s events

Strange Horizons Tea Party

  • Sunday in Room 627 from 3pm-4:30pm
  • Hosted by Catherine Krahe of Strange Horizons

The Strange Horizons Tea Party offers a variety of tea and treats for you to enjoy as you chat about stunning poetry, insightful articles, critical reviews, inspiring short fiction, eye-opening art, and anything else that comes to mind.

The Robot’s Guide To Love Roboriffic Release Party

  • Sunday in Room 627
  • Hosted by Shayla Dunn and Theo Lorenz

Come join us to color the night away and celebrate the release of The Robot’s Guide To Love Coloring Book by Theo Lorenz. If you are now or ever plan to become a robot, you might just need this book to help you find your perfect dreambot.

By the bi

  • Sunday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Lou Hoffman, Betsy Lundsten, and Colleen Waldie

A Venn diagram of non-monosexuals and fandom would put this party right in the fabulous middle. Come celebrate bisexual, pansexual, queer, unlabeled, and other non-monosexual identies in fandom. Food, drinks, games, what else makes a great party? Will we have live fanfic readings? Will we have a raffle for bi and pan colored swag? You’ll just have to come by to find out. (It WILL be amazing, though. That’s not in dispute.) While this is a celebration of non-monosexual identities, all are welcome.

Monday’s events

Fond Farewell Party

  • Monday in Room 629
  • Hosted by Ctein and Laura Majerus

If you’re still here on Monday night, come join others who are still here for a Fond Farewell party. We’ll have munchies, beverages, and good conversation. It’s the last party for Wiscon 2016! It’ll begin at 9 PM and run until the last fan falls over.

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