Safety First!

You’ll see the phrase “Safety first!” here and there around the convention and that’s because our Safety team is one of the first lines of defense against trouble that may arise. They’re also your go-to for any help you may need if you feel unsafe.

Safety team members wear neon vests and circulate throughout the hotel. You may see them peeking into panels or moving through parties. If you need help, look for a Safety team member or, of course, make your way to Registration or the Front Desk. If the situation is urgent, please dial 911.

This year, we have a secure report form online at The information you enter on this form will be shared only with the parties absolutely necessary to resolve your issue. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

And if you want to help keep the con a safe experience for everyone, we desperately need safety volunteers. If you volunteer for a shift during the Dessert Salon to help take tickets or wrangle the line, you’ll get your choice of desserts and reserved seating!


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