WisCon karaoke party update


Thank you for your patience to everyone who has been asking about music for the party!

I’ve finally resolved our karaoke player software issues on my new laptop and am working on reloading all of our purchased music from previous parties from our CDs and online. A few songs that we downloaded may be lost in this process, so please don’t assume we have something because we’ve had it in the past. I’m hoping to have the list of the songs we have posted in the next few days. If it’s a new song from May 2013 on, it is safe to assume we don’t have it.

We will continue to use the MP3-G format.

We’re asking for donations to cover new songs. Prices per song range from $1-4.

Contact me [klivdahl@gmail.com] if you have requests or want to make a donation.

We are really excited to host this party again!

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