Open call for RPG participants!

Beth & Mathew

We’re about a week away, so we’re opening up online signup for our RPG offerings. We have a very diverse lineup this year, including a workshop! Take a look and see if anything interests you.

  • If you see something you want to play, send an email with the subject “RPG signup request” and include in the body:
    • Your name as it appears on your WisCon badge
    • An email address (whether the same or different than the one you’re contacting us from) that we can pass along to the person in charge of the game, in case they need to contact you about anything
    • The specific game or game that you’re signing up for
  • We will reply to let you know whether you’re guaranteed a seat or on standby. If you’re on a standby list, drop by at game time to see if you can get a seat.
  • If you’re interested, but not certain if you’ll be able to play, please consider requesting a spot on the standby list, to start. This helps us gauge interest, but lets people who can commit to playing for sure get first chance at a spot at the table and reduces setup and confusion at game time.
  • We will end email registration Wednesday, May 20, at 11:59PM CDT. We’ll have a chance to sign up in-person at The Gathering and you can always just drop by at the beginning of the session to see if there are chairs available.

The games!


>  Friday 8:00PM-midnight
Bluebeard’s Bride (RPG Horror) – GM: Ajit George | 3-4 players | 18 and older only

Bluebeard’s Bride is a table-top horror RPG based on the original fairy tale. It is a one-shot game with replay value that uses modified Apocalypse World rules, is beginner friendly and easy to learn.

You play different aspects of Bluebeard’s wife; the Virgin, the Witch, the Mother, and many others as the bride attempts to resist the pull to enter Bluebeard’s secret room. The castle tests her sanity, and not every part of her will survive—if any part of her does at all. This game is dark, erotic, ethereal, and filled with creeping terror. It’s about the intricacies of feminine horror, and agency in the face of powerlessness. All materials will be provided by the GM.

>  Friday 8:00PM-midnight
LarpJam (Larp design) – Facilitator: Jon Cole | 5-16 Players | All ages

LarpJam is a workshop where participants create their very own larps (live action role-playing games) in a round-robin format. In a matter of hours people with no larp experience can create awesome, fully-playable larps or the seeds that future larps can spring from! This process folds creative invocation, constructive constraints, and peer feedback into one lightning-fast process. LarpJam is fun for anyone who can read and write, no experience is necessary. All materials are provided for 5-16 players.


> Saturday 8:00PM-midnight
*Microscope – Facilitator: Tom Fendt | 3-4 players | All ages

A game of epic histories where you can zoom in and out on the bits you find most interesting. Microscope finds a way to make all players collaborate, even as it prevents players from directly coordinating. Your individual additions add up to a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

*Atlas – Facilitator: Tom Fendt | 3-4 players | All ages
A mapmaking game created by yours truly. This game treads the line between world building tool and roleplaying game. Atlas is a game where you collaboratively create a map with its own story to go along with it. What strange and interesting places will your group come up with? Play to find out!

*note that both of these games will be played in the same room and there may be multiple sessions.

> Saturday 8:00PM-10:30PM
Dream Apart: a storygame of the fantastic shtetl – Facilitator: Benjamin Rosenbaum | 3-5 players | 16+

A GM-less, collaborative, rules-light, historical fantasy storygame of sorcerers and scholars, midwives and matchmakers, soldiers and klezmers, dybbuks, gossip, pogroms, trolls, rebels, betrothals, demons, angels, blood libel, lusts, and secrets in an Eastern European Jewish shtetl, circa 1850. Dream Apart is inspired by Avery Mcdaldno’s Dream Askew. Where Dream Askew queers the post-apocalyptic genre, Dream Apart jews historical fantasy, reimagining fantastical Europe from the perspective of European history’s underdogs; like Askew it’s about otherness, resistance, strife, and survival, beyond the borders of a brutal dominant society.


> Sunday 7:00PM-11:00PM
The Dooms that Came to Chaegrae – GM: Rachel Kronick | 3-5 players

The Tomb of Gemenos has loomed over the middle of Chaegrae for generations. All who have dared to enter, or even to approach too closely, have had horrible fates. But now, you and your motley friends have come to plumb the depths of the tomb. You are unafraid of the Tomb’s strange fates, because you already know how you will die. The Tomb is but the next step in your destiny.

A tabletop roleplaying game, using the Blade & Crown system (which I wrote). Themes of fate, destiny and the wrongs of history. No more than five players. No rules knowledge or materials required, though you may want to bring your lucky D10s!

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