Call to reserve a room at our special price!

Jennie D-W

The Concourse Hotel still has some extra rooms to fill for WisCon39, so they’re letting us use our room block prices again for a limited time! If you reserved a hotel room too late before, or if you were waiting for a better price, this is it! Call the Concourse Hotel at (800)356-8293 to change an existing reservation or make a new one; this deal won’t work online!

3 thoughts on “Call to reserve a room at our special price!”

  1. My regular Wiscon roommate had to pull out at the last minute due to having to move this month unexpectedly. I have a room and would love to find a replacement, non-smoking, respectful roommate. Please let me know if you are interested in a room in the Concourse.

    1. I may have posted my comment in the wrong place. I need a room. I travel with a polite medical alert service dog.

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