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Hotel Reservations Now Open for WisCon 37

Whether you prefer to make your hotel reservation in person with a friendly face, on the phone with a friendly voice, or online, you can secure your room for the 2013 convention starting Sunday morning, May 27.

Reservations can be made online via a link on the WisCon website, or stop by the concierge desk in the hotel lobby to make your reservation in person, or call the friendly folks in the Concourse’s reservations department. The Concourse has scheduled extra reservations agents for Sunday morning to ensure that everyone’s request is handled as expeditiously as possible.

Room rates at the Concourse Hotel for WisCon 37 will be $101/$111 single/double for a Concourse-level room, and $173/$183 single/double for Governor’s Club rooms. If you make your reservation in person or by phone, be sure to tell them you want a room in the WisCon 37 room block to get these rates.

After you get your hotel reservation lined up for 2013, go online to the WisCon website or stop by WisCon’s Registration/Information desk in the second floor lobby area to get your membership for the 37th annual World’s Leading Feminist Science Fiction Convention! The committee is already in the planning phases of what will be yet another fabulous four-day marathon of spirited dialog, thought-provoking readings, and just plain fun, so make sure you have your membership secured.

Hotel Reservations and Online Registration for WisCon 36 Available at 9:00 am Sunday, May 29

Hotel reservations and online registration for WisCon 36 both open at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 29!

For full details on hotels and hotel reservations, please visit the WisCon36 hotel page.

Details for registering for WisCon36 are available through the WisCon36 registration page.

PLEASE NOTE: Links for hotel reservations and online registration will not go live until 9:00 am Sunday morning!

Important Hotel News: Deadlines, Reservations, Availability

WisCon’s room block at the Concourse Hotel is now full. There are a few rooms available in the “overflow block,” at a higher rate per night than the convention’s discount rate, although still less than rack rate. The Concourse’s online reservation system doesn’t accommodate reservations once the main block is closed; you must call the Concourse (800-356-8293 or 1-608-257-6000) to get a room in the overflow block.

This year, for the first time ever, the Concourse has committed in writing to moving WisCon members in the overflow block into the main discount block as soon as cancellations come in. As openings occur in the main discounted block, they will be offered to people in the overflow block in the order in which the reservations were made. So if you have a reservation in the discounted block that you discover you no longer need, please release that room so another WisCon member can benefit from the discount.

The Inn on the Park, just two short blocks away from the Concourse, still has plenty of sleeping rooms at this point, and has features and amenities very similar to those at the Concourse. If you plan to attend WisCon and have not yet gotten a room at the Concourse, we strongly encourage you to make a reservation at the Inn. Our room block at the Inn on the Park is not available through online reservation systems; call the Inn at 800-279-8811 or 1-608-285-8000, and be sure to mention WISCON 2011 BLOCK to get our special con rate.


If you decide to cancel a reservation, you must do so before April 25 if you want another WisCon member to be able to benefit from the discount! All discounts expire on April 25, and reservations released after that date will no longer be eligible for our convention rate.

The absolutely last day you can cancel your reservation without being charged is ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR RESERVATION STARTS! Cancellations made after that date will be subject to the hotel’s standard one room-night charge plus tax.

If you have questions or concerns about your reservation, please email the Hotel Co-Liaison for Sleeping Rooms at rooms@wiscon.net and we’ll do our best to help you.

Food and Beverage Specials at the Concourse for WisCon34

The Madison Concourse is once again offering a 20% food discount voucher for just $10 per person. Just think – you can graze that amazing salad bar (which will be available on both Saturday and Sunday this year) and get 20% off your bill!

The 20% discount only applies to your own food/drink orders; it does not apply to the entire group, unless each person in the group has a discount voucher. Stop by the Front Desk and get your discount voucher today!

Also, check out The Bar at the Concourse – they’ve whipped up some incredible WisCon libations such as the Avatar, A Pandoran Cosmopolitan; A Clockwork Orange, with Absolut Mandarin vodka, amaretto, Baileys, orange juice and cream; The Blade Runner, with light and dark rums enhanced with lime juice, pineapple juice, and aromatic bitters; Iron Man Too (your own personal armor Kir) with peach and pomegranate liqueurs added to sparkling wine; and Zombieland, a mega rum and fruit juice explosion that will have your brain ready for sampling after just one.

Of course, The Fan Boy is always there for you for no charge – water served over ice in a glass with a slice of citrus.

URGENT: Hotels: Last Chance!

If you are attending WisCon from out of town and you have not yet secured a place to stay, your opportunity to take advantage of the convention rates is rapidly disappearing.

WisCon’s satellite hotel, The Inn on the Park, still has rooms available at the convention rate, but our special rate there ends on Thursday, April 23, and any rooms left unreserved go back into the general pool at rack rates. Call 800-279-8811 inside the US or 1-608-285-8000 from elsewhere in the world to make your reservation, and be sure to mention WISCON 2009 to get our special rate. WisCon 2009 rates at Inn on the Park are $124 for a room with one bed for one or two people, $134 for a room with two beds for up to four people, and $154 for a two-room suite with wet bar.

Convention rates at the Concourse end on Tuesday, April 22, but since the con rate is only available to the first 300 reservations and we had close to 350 at last count, it is extremely unlikely that enough cancellations would come in to reopen the con rate block. If you are especially eager to get a room at the Concourse, certainly call them (at 800-356-8293 or 608-257-6000) to see if a cancellation has opened up space there, but it would very likely be at the higher rack rate.

And finally, a plea to anyone who made a hotel reservation for WisCon 33 months ago and who has since had to change your plans about attending: if you have not yet cancelled your reservation, please do so as soon as possible! Not only will you free up a room that another convention member can use, you will also prevent any possibility that your credit card might be charged a night’s rent.

For more details about both of WisCon’s convention hotels, go to the WisCon website, where you will also find other options for accommodations in downtown Madison. Email rooms@wiscon.net with any questions.