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For Authors Attending WisCon33…

Posted on behalf of Jeanne Gomoll:

If you have a new book coming out and are going to attend WisCon, I’d like to contact your editor and invite them to buy an ad in the WisCon souvenir book. Selling ads to the publishers of authors attending WisCon was very successful last year, so I’d like to do it again.

As soon as you can, let me know what book of yours is coming out, the name of the publisher and when it is due. Give me a name and email address for the best person for me to contact about an ad.

I can also send you an ad guideline sheet if you would rather contact your editor yourself. Just ask.

I will certainly try to sell ads to publishers even if you aren’t planning to attend WisCon, but judging from WisCon 32’s program book last year, I’m far more likely to be successful if I can assure your editor that you will be here at WisCon, actively promoting your book.

Please respond to advertising@wiscon.net

Thank you!