Sign up for Special Session Workshops!

We still have openings to attend all of our special session workshops. To sign up for a special session, please send an email to
Artist Trading Cards, Friday, 4:00 p.m. 
Art in your Pocket: Artist Trading Cards, possibly with popups or mini books. Free to make and take to keep, gift, or trade with friends.
Theatre Camp, Sat. 10:00 a.m.
Miss acting, or just want to try it out in a stress-free setting? In this low-commitment WisCon experiment, we’ll be getting together to read a selection of short SF/F plays, monologues and scenes, and even put them on their feet if we’re feeling bold! Get guidance from experienced directors and playwrights as you explore speculative theatre both classic and contemporary. No materials, experience or prep required!
There will be an (optional) performance opportunity at a Sunday Workshops Open Mic at 4pm (sign-up for the open mic will be during WisCon weekend).
Writing Through Hard Times, Sat. 1:00 p.m.
“Writing Through Hard Times: How to Keep Up Your Routine During Grief, Depression, and Disability” details planning techniques and strategies for writing through the hardest times. Be prepared to share tips and resources.

Artist Roundtable, Sun. 10:00 a.m.

Come join for a session of talking, advice, experience, and ideating on how to be an artist or maker in today’s world. How do you get your foot in the door? Where do you show or sell your creations and wares? How do you deal with cat hair getting on the art during shedding season? How do you find someone to give you a helpful critique, or a helping hand for an art fair, or help hanging your art? Whether you have experience to share, or are here to ask questions or listen to advice, this is a share-all round table for all the various kinds of arts and crafts that creatives hone. So come join us for a discussion on the million different ways to get out there with your creations in this world!
The Workshops Open Mic, Sun. 4:00 p.m.
Join us for an open mic/ sharing session to celebrate this year’s workshops. From (visual art) to (poetry/stories) to scenes from speculative plays, this is your chance to see new art of all genres created right here at Wiscon! Slots are five minutes (those presenting plays or scenes from the acting workshop may go up to ten). The open mic is open to all on a space-available basis, but we will be prioritizing pieces that originated at convention workshops. (Sign-up for the open mic will be during WisCon weekend.)
Volunteer with Workshops!
We also have volunteer shifts open for Writing Space Facilitators in-person and on Discord. You can sign up through the Volunteering link that shows up at the top of the WisCon website when you’re signed in to your WisCon account.

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