WisCon 41 Guest of Honor — Kelly Sue DeConnick

Kelly Sue DeConnick
Kelly Sue DeConnick

From the moment we knew Kelly Sue was going to be one of WisCon 41’s Guests of Honor, we all started counting the days until until Memorial Day weekend 2017.  And we knew late last winter so it’s been a long wait!

AT LAST, the wait is over for all of us.  We are so excited to welcome you to WisCon 41 as we honor Kelly Sue DeConnick and celebrate her work!

About Kelly Sue

Kelly Sue DeConnick is best known for surprise hits like Carol Danvers’ rebranding as Captain Marvel and the Eisner-nominated mythological western, “Pretty Deadly”; the latter was co-created with artist Emma Ríos. DeConnick’s most recent venture, the sci-fi kidney-punch called “Bitch Planet”, co-created with Valentine De Landro, launched to rave reviews in December 2014. DeConnick lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Matt Fraction, and their two children. Under their company Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, Inc., DeConnick and Fraction are currently developing television for NBC/Universal.

Kelly Sue @ WisCon 41

Room of One’s Own Reception and Readings

  • Thursday, 6–7:30pm
  • Room Of Ones Own

Readings by the Guests of Honor at Room of One’s Own Bookstore.

Following and Friendship: Social Media Etiquette for Fans

  • Saturday, 10–11:29am
  • Capitol A

When our faves share their thoughts and give us a peek into their personal lives, it’s enticing to engage as much as possible, but when we’re one of their thousands of followers and they’re likely to receive several notifications at once, where should we draw the line? As creators and creatives, the tenuous balance between being approachable and setting boundaries can take a huge emotional toll on us. How do we encourage fan interaction while holding a reasonable amount of space for ourselves to exist as humans? This panel will explore the nuances of being an inclusive, friendly internet community while still being respectful of the privacy and dignity of people with large public platforms.

Kaffeeklatsch and Guest of Honor Reading

  • Saturday, 4–5:29pm
  • Assembly

Guest of Honor Kelly Sue DeConnick reads from her work and chats with her fans over snacks and coffee.

> Attendance may be limited: Please check with the Registration desk to see if there is a sign-up sheet.

Comics Are for Everybody (with Comic Matchmaking)

  • Sunday, 2:30–3:59pm
  • Wisconsin

The lack of access to local comic shops and fandom culture of exclusion can make it hard for people to feel like there are comics out there “for them”. Comics Are for Everybody is all about proving that there is a comic for every taste.The panel will start by highlighting some lesser known comics and creators for the room, then to do some highly interactive matchmaking. Audience members will name a beloved genre/author/movie/etc. and the group will come up with suggestions for comic books they might not have read, the more under-the-radar the better. Web comics, self-published comics, and manga of course would be welcome (and encouraged).

Guest of Honor Speeches (and Tiptree Ceremony)

  • Sunday, 8:30–10pm
  • Capitol/Wisconsin

This Guest of Honor event is the high point of WisCon programming; it’s the formal event at which we honor our guests and listen to what they have to say to us. In the past, we’ve heard rallying calls to political action, humorous anecdotes, scholarly treatises, exposes, autobiographies, earthshaking ideas, and passionate and lyrical speeches. For instance, Pat Murphy initiated the Tiptree Award as part of her 1991 Guest of Honor speech at WisCon 15.

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