Announcing — the WisCon 41 Dealers’ Room!

Dealers’ Room Coordinator


There are a lot of things to enjoy at a convention — seeing old friends, making new friends, discovering new authors, and having a few days away from the rest of the world.  But, be honest, the shopping is a major part of it.  Online shopping cannot compare to actually seeing, touching, and smelling the goods.

And we have the goods!  The vendors who will be with us this year are below.  Enjoy the con!

20th Century Books :: New and used books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and fantasy-related toys.

A Room of One’s Own Bookstore :: A Room of One’s Own is Madison’s local independent bookstore, serving the WisCon community for over 40 years! A few years ago we moved our store from its former location to combine with Avol’s Used Books, and can now be found at 315 W Gorham Street.

Abby Howard :: I create the webcomics Junior Scientist Power Hour and The Last Halloween, the latter of which recently had a Kickstarter for a huge and beautiful book. I create webcomics and enjoy researching ancient beasts in my spare time.

Alex Heberling :: Alex Heberling draws comics and puts them on the internet. Creator of the magical girl webcomic “The Hues”.

Aqueduct Press :: We publish feminist science fiction & fantasy & books about feminist science fiction & fantasy as well as the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

Armory Quest :: We specialize in high quality foam weapons, swords, and masks. All of our products are made for all ages and abilities.

Asha’s Homemade Candles :: I hand pour all natural soy wax candles. I’m inspired by finding scents that remind me of my favorite fictional places and characters. I love mixing candle making with all things geek by finding ways to tie fragrances in with my favorite shows in clever ways! Currently I have candles from many fandoms including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Firefly and more!

Book Lynx :: We sell used, rare and vintage SF, fantasy and other books.

Broad Universe :: Broad Universe is a group of women-oriented (not necessarily female) fantasy and science fiction writers. The group promotes our books, and the table will sell members’ books.

Clipped Arts :: Clipped Arts creates a variety of unique items, most which are made from and centered around found objects—especially items which may be overlooked or thrown away. Note card sets, magnets, small mixed-media drawings, and coasters are made from old maps, sheet music, Calvin and Hobbes books, as well as other children’s stories and books of interest. Carefully chosen charms and beads adorn dangle-style earrings. Tiny origami paper cranes can be found inside corked glass bottle ornaments, on jewelry, and inside a gumball-style toy dispensing machine.

DreamHaven Books :: One of the oldest and largest Science Fiction/Fantasy specialty bookstores in the world, now celebrating its 40th year.

Dylan Edwards :: Dylan Edwards is a queer trans artist who creates comics focusing on LGBTQIA+ themes. Notable works include Transposes, Valley of the Silk Sky, Politically InQueerect, and QAT Person. His all-ages monster creations, Feeping Creatures, include handmade art and figurines, jewelry, onesies, and other accessories.

Frugal Muse Books :: We’re a Madison based brick and mortar book store that has supported the local science fiction community since 1994. We hold a monthly SF book discussion and offer new and used books.

Fused Glass by Kathie :: I create one-of-a-kind Fused Glass jewelry and mixed media Fused Glass and Metal wall hangings I call my Tiny Universes. Fused Glass inspires me. It’s about mixing varying shapes and colors of glass, often combining dichroic glass with textured glass to get a 3D effect and not knowing what the result will be until I open up that kiln door. And when it works, it’s glorious. When I look into the depths of the dichroic I see a myriad of colors, enough to fill a universe…at least a Tiny Universe.

Geekery Gal :: Geekery Gal Jewelry and Sass lovingly recycles old comics and other materials into wearable art. 10 percent of all sales go to charity. We also design personalized items for cosplayers and undercover geeks who want just a little geek in their bling.

Ginger Kitten Enterprises :: Ginger Kitten Enterprises is run by Sarah, a mixed-media artist, and sells art for display, as well as jewelry and accessories like magnets, planters, keychains, and more!

The Heathersmith :: Erika Hammerschmidt, author of the science fiction novel Kea’s Flight and other works, makes a wide variety of fantasy-style wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry. Pieces include crowns and tiaras, elf-earrings that make the ears look pointed, jeweled-dagger letter openers, gemstone chess sets, rings, earrings, and necklaces made with crystals, geodes, meteorites, and fossils.

Holly Morningstar Art & Illustration :: Holly Morningstar creates fantastical feminist watercolor paintings rooted in symbolism derived from fairy tales, mythology, and pop culture. Her work focuses on feminine empowerment, sexual liberation, and thriving with disabilities.

Jo Edits :: I am offering my editing service as well as sell writing critiques and quick edits to any interested parties. I’m an editor with twelve years of experience in a number of genres–SF, fantasy, horror, and mostly romance these days. I’m the editor of WisCon Chronicles 7: Shattering Ableist Narratives and dedicated to helping writers of all backgrounds, particularly those who are marginalized. I’ve also taught at the writer’s workshop from 2011-2014.

Lethe Press, Inc. :: We are a queer and speculative fiction press that has been in business since 2001. We hope to provide an outlet for authors wherever they might be in the gender and sexuality spectrum. Our books have won numerous Lambda Literary Awards and the Shirley Jackson Award; our titles have also been finalists for the Andre Norton Award, the Golden Crown Literary Award, and the World Fantasy Award.

Lioness: ornament for people and places :: Shinies! So many shinies! Necklace-crowns, earrings, pendants, necklace, and other named jewelry, some bead and charm assortments, and copies of the anthology “Glass Bead Games” containing stories inspired by the shinies.

Mama’s Minstrel :: Mama’s Minstrel offers spiritual growth workshops, retreats, keynotes, and the sale of my book and my CD. Copies of my book “The World is Your Oracle,” just published by Fair Winds Press, will be for sale, as well as “World is Your Oracle” t-shirts, and CDs of “Chants for the Queen of Heaven,” a recording of Goddess chants from around the world.

Maps and scraps :: We make unique sewn goods from repurposed t-shirts, jeans, and other fabrics. We strive to make each item special. Frequent themes are rock bands, nerdy stuff like Doctor Who and superheroes.

Nerdtastic :: Nerdtastic specializes in handmade jewelry, bath and body products with a pop culture inspiration.

O Human Star :: O Human Star is a science fiction LGBT comic serialized online since 2012.

Oooh Pretties :: Handmade sterling silvery jewelry with amazing stones, ranging from small, simple bead work to larger hand fabricated pieces with something for every budget.

Other Side Press :: Melanie Gillman is a nonbinary graphic novelist who specializes in positive YA comics for queer and trans young readers. They’re the creator of the Eisner- and Ignatz-nominated webcomic “As the Crow Flies”, which follows a group of LGBTQ teens who meet in a Christian youth camp. In addition, they are a co-editor of “The Other Side: An Anthology of Queer Paranormal Romance” and the writer of the “Steven Universe” comics series, published by Boom Studios. They currently live in Tulsa, OK, where they are a 2017-2018 fellow in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship program.

Rosarium Publishing :: Rosarium Publishing is a fledgling publisher (est. 2013) specializing in speculative fiction and comics—all with a multicultural flair. We simply believe that talent does not inherently have a gender, race, religion, or region; talent is everywhere, and we will comb the four corners of this globe to find it. We like to be crazy, wild, provocative. We also like to chill, and there’s never a moment where you won’t find us laughing. If you try to paint us in a corner, we’ll go all TAKI 183 on you and cover it with graffiti. We say that we’re here to “introduce the world to itself,” so you never know where you’ll find us.

Semi-Precious Therapy :: Hand-made jewelry featuring a variety of materials, including semi-precious gemstones, crystal, glass, silver, and copper. Custom orders are also available.

Sign of the Unicorn :: Hand-sculptured jewelry — mostly one-of-a-kind — designed in feminist, mythic, science fiction, and fantasy themes using lost-wax casting and incorporating sterling silver, bronze, 14k gold, and semi-precious stones, and including rings, earrings, and pendants in feminist designs. Additionally, Laurie Toby Edison’s books and photographs Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes, Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes, and Women of Japan, all works done in collaboration with social change activists and feminists, will be available.

Small Beer Press :: Small Beer Press publishes short story collections, novels, and translations, and twice a year, a paper zine, LCRW. This year we will publish Sofia Samatar, Christopher Rowe, Lydia Millet, Juan Martinez, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Kij Johnson, among others.

Unlikely Heroes Studios :: An independent comic book company with a team spread out all over America. They create, print, and publish high-quality comics. Their current piece de resistance is Super!, which follows a ragtag team of amateur heroes as they struggle to make a name for themselves in a universe dominated by more popular, established teams. The group is led officially by Max, the billionaire inventor bankrolling the team, but the true leadership lies within Blitz, the daughter of a hero aspiring to be great in her own right. In the grand tradition of “The Venture Bros.” and “Mystery Men”, “SUPER!” is a loving homage to the genre that knows when to laugh at itself and isn’t afraid to poke fun at comic tropes along the way.

We’re sorry to share that Dealers’ Room favorite PM Press aren’t able to join us this year after all. They sent this message to WisCon:

If you and those you know that will miss us this year, want the consolation of cheap browsing on our website instead (a paltry second best, I know), if you use the coupon code FOPM at the checkout page, it’ll automatically apply a 50% discount to your entire order. There’s no minimum order as such, and that code can be used multiple times. So please feel free to share it with any/all deserving Wisconites…

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