WisCon 41 Call for Programming Ideas!!

Tanya DePass and JP Fairfield
Programming Co-Leads

It’s that time of year again! One of many reminders to come that program ideas submissions are open!  The WisCon 41 Programming team looks forward to receiving all of the awesome ideas YOU have to offer!

We invite you to submit programming ideas for WisCon 41 through Friday, Jan 20. To submit an idea, visit our program idea submission form.  You can use the form without logging in, or you can log into your WisCon account if you’d like to receive email confirmation that your suggestion was received.

Please note that starting this year there will be a hard stop for accepting program idea submissions.  Unfortunately, the WisCon 41 Programming team will not be able to accept any program ideas after the Jan. 20 (11:59pm Central Time!) cutoff.  Make sure to submit your ideas before the deadline!

We can’t wait to see your suggestions!

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