2016 construction and traffic update for Madison

WisCon 40 Co-Chair

Ah, the four seasons in Wisconsin: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction.

The entire north half of the Capitol Square is currently undergoing heavy road work. Both blocks of Mifflin Street (the side of the Square closest to the Concourse Hotel) and their intersections will most likely be closed to vehicle traffic during the convention. The sidewalks are still open, but if you do plan to walk or roll along the Square you should expect some additional bumpiness. For those of us who like to visit the Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square, the market is running more or less as usual in spite of the dust.

The City of Madison website has additional road construction information.

The construction on the Square has also affected the routes of the Madison Half Marathon and Twilight 10K, which will now send runners down Dayton Street right in front of the Concourse Hotel. The 10K begins on Saturday around 8pm, and the half marathon begins on Sunday at 7am. In both cases our hotel is near the beginning of the racecourse.

The Madison Marathon website has course maps, start times, and other marathon information that you may find useful.

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