WisCon, WisCon, what did you think?

Chris Wallish
Media & Communications

The lobby of the Concourse Hotel.
The newly redesigned (and somewhat space age) lobby of the Concourse Hotel.

WisCon has, once again, come and gone, not unlike the Faerie Market of Wall, and just as full of strange and wonderful delights, although fewer hot dogs this year.

Were there any panels you’d like to have seen?  Were you inspired by the conversation of a panel to propose one for WisCon 40?  Our idea submission form is open and will be available for suggestions until January 2016.

What did you think of this year’s WisCon?  Our surveys will be open for about two more weeks (edited to remove link, as the survey is now closed).  If you have a few minutes, please tell us what you thought of programming and of WisCon in general.

This week we’re also going to be running something of a post-postmortem here on the blog.  The WisCon postmortem panel at the end of the convention is always an excellent time to deconstruct the weekend and offer suggestions on what could be improved.  But did you miss this year’s postmortem discussion?  Look for a few posts from us assessing the convention from a few angles and inviting your feedback.

And then onward to WisCon 40!

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