Hashtagging #WisCon

Chris Wallish
Media & Communications

What in the world is the best hashtag to use for WisCon?  There are always a couple of options, each equally good.  Organically, #wiscon is used throughout the year.  As the convention gets closer, people seem to start using #wiscon39 more and more.

This year, we’ve taken the bold step of suggesting a hashtag in advance — something we made deliberately short and sweet so that you can also combine it with a panel hashtag if you want: #wc39

Use and combine them any way you want!  It’s the internet and no one’s your boss.

What’s the best way to follow them?  You can combine hashtags in the Twitter search using “or”, which gives you a real firehose of WisCon chatter if you’re so inclined.

And look in your Pocket Program Book or the WisSched app for the hashtags we’ve set up for each panel!

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