Get Your Drink On


Because of the hotel’s sixth floor remodel, many parties have moved to the second floor and because of the terms of their liquor license, we are unable to serve alcohol on the second floor.

This is not the end of the world, I promise! You can still have drinks in those rooms, the hosts just can’t serve alcohol to you, only a hotel bartender can serve alcohol on the first or second floor. So if you need to get your drink on, there are a few things you can do:

We will have a cash bar at Opening Ceremonies and the Karaoke Party on Friday night. Not only that, the Karaoke Party has free beer! We will also have a cash bar Sunday night at the Dessert Salon.

6th floor parties and room parties can still serve alcohol.

You can get drinks at the bar. We love the bar! Not only are they friendly as all get-out, but they have a special drink menu with many drinks put together just for us. See the Drink Menu for more info!

You can buy your own. There’s a liquor store on State Street and a second liquor store just down Gorham Street. Of course, if you do you still can’t serve it to anyone on the 2nd floor. We are probably just as sorry as you probably are, believe me!

Finally, please remember that we cannot have alcohol outside on the sidewalk or in the smoking area so if you have a drink and find you need a smoke, please find a place to set your drink before heading out there. It’s another way the hotel can lose its liquor license.


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