Welcome to WisCon 35!

Welcome to WisCon35! Nisi Shawl is our guest of honor.

    Adult, teen, and youth WisCon memberships are available at the door! Prices and full information are available on the registration page.
    Check out WisCon 35’s nifty online programming guide, or if you prefer, read the Pocket Program (PDF) or the Program Grids (PDF).
    The first edition of WisCon’s at-con newsletter, “A Momentary Taste of WisCon”(PDF) is now online, with news, updates, and programming changes.
    And check out WisCon’s blog (also named “A Momentary Taste of WisCon!”) your one-stop shop for WisCon news, guides, schedules, and more.
    Dining in Madison? Check out WisCon’s dining guide, organized by cuisine (PDF), location (PDF), and price (PDF). And there’s a handy map (PDF), too.
    Tweeting WisCon? Use #wc35 (and #wiscon35 and #wiscon work too!) Or, use the handy auto-hashtag buttons associated with each panel in the online programming guide.
    The last WisCon progress report, eCube #13, is still available online, with news about security changes at the Concourse, hotel reservations for WisCon36, notes for program participants, a Tiptree Auction update, and an invitation for everyone attending WisCon for the first time.