WisCon 46 Readings Track Open for Proposals!

Do you have a new book out this year? A poem recently accepted for publication? A work in progress you’d like to share? WisCon’s Reading track is now open to proposals!

To start, form a group — readings are organized into 75-minute sessions of four to six authors, usually with a common theme. Forming a group can be a snap for authors featured together in a collection, critique groups, or a group of friends.  We encourage you to try to form a group in advance, but if nothing’s coming together please sign up for a reading anyway. We’ll do our best to group individual readers.

Open poetry reading and rapid-fire sessions may have as many readers as you can fit into the time period. The WisCon Reading track is typically very popular, and so we must limit everyone to just one reading.  There is one loophole! You may read again during an open mic event.

Much more information on our Readings track (and how to register) is available on our website.

The proposal period for Readings closes on Saturday, March 4. Please note that you must also register for WisCon 46 before signing up for a reading.

We look forward to hearing your work at WisCon this year!

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