Panel Programming is getting ready for WisCon 43!

The time to WisCon 43 is approaching, so let’s get it started right!

Panel Programming wants to help you get the best WisCon panel programming experience, so after you register, we would like for you to do a couple of things.

1. Update your profile, especially your email address.
All you need to do is log in to your profile, click the “Edit” link on the right side of your name, then click on “Save” once you’re done.

2. Update your availability.
This is essential information for us. The more information you provide us, the better chance you have in getting your top choices of panels at your most desired times. To update your availability, please click on “Tell Us Your Schedule”. After you click on “Tell Us Your Schedule,” you will be brought to the following screen:

In this text, you will be asked for your arrival/departure information, your desired number of panels, as well as your preferred panel times. Once again, the more information you provide us, the better it will be for you. Given that it is early, you can start off with a ballpark estimate, but please update as we get closer to the availability deadline in 2019.

3. Submissions for Panel Programming are open! Please be sure to submit your proposal to the correct department.

If you log into your profile, you will see a list of different options where you can submit your program idea to the right department on the left-hand side of the screen. Please see the screenshot below for an example.

If you want to submit a panel idea, please click on the “Submit Ideas” option. If you want to submit a party, please click on the “Host a party” option. If you want to submit a paper proposal/academic proposal, please click on the “Submit Paper Proposal” option.

Panel Programming asks that you please use the correct option for submitting your program idea. If you submit an event to us that is not a panel, due to the volume of panel requests and the subsequent organization of the panel schedule, we cannot guarantee that your submission will be timely transferred to the correct department.

As we get closer to WisCon 43, Panel Programming will regularly update the community of its various deadlines. We are excited to kick off planning for WC43.

As usual, if you have any questions regarding Panels, please email us at

2 thoughts on “Panel Programming is getting ready for WisCon 43!”

  1. How does the ‘Roundtable’ format work? It’s one of the choices of panel format, but it isn’t clear to me what it means.

    1. Hi Katie,

      This just came in from Programming:

      Panel is a formal discussion with a moderator & 3-6 members in front of the audience. The audience only participates after the panel discussion to ask questions

      Round table is a more casual discussion with a moderator with 3-20 participants in the discussion on specific topics. For example, the person who submitted the panel topic could be a moderator & the audience will make up the participants. You can have multiple moderators who will split up the audience so it’s multiple groups having a discussion.

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