Hotel reminder — Concourse Hotel’s 7-day cancellation policy


WisCon is just 13 days away — and if you have a hotel reservation that you don’t need, now is the time to contact the Concourse to cancel it!

The Concourse’s cancellation policy is:  A reservation must be canceled by 4pm Central Time 7 days prior to arrival, otherwise you’ll be charged 1 night.

If you do need to cancel your reservation, call the Concourse at 1-800-356-8293.

The Concourse does keep a waitlist of reservations who booked at a higher rate and would like to move into the WisCon room block, so canceling your reservation could help another WisCon member save money.

If you’d prefer to transfer your unneeded reservation to another member, you can often connect with someone who needs a room by dropping a note in one of the communities mentioned on our Hotel page under “Want roommates?” or by posting to the WisCon hashtags (#WisCon, #WisCon40) on Twitter.

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