WisCon 46 in 2023

We hope you’ll join us for WisCon 46 during U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2023! We are planning both an in-person and a virtual convention to maximize accessibility. See the WisCon blog for the latest plans.


Registration for WisCon 46 in 2023 is now open! Check out the Registration page for more information.

Hotel Info

Hotel reservations are open for 2023! Check out our Hotel page for more information on how to reserve a room for WisCon 46.

Guests of Honor

Rivers Solomon wearing a white collared shirt and leather jacket.

Rivers Solomon
Photo credit: `Wasi Daniju

Martha Wells wearing a black blouse

Martha Wells
Photo credit: Lisa Blaschke

Our Guests of Honor in 2023 are Rivers Solomon and Martha Wells!

WisCon Guests of Honor are chosen by, and often from within, our own community, and we’re excited to celebrate these amazing authors at WisCon 46 in 2023!