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eCube#8 now online: Programming and Reading Signups Now Open, GOH noms, and More!

eCube #8 is now online, with news about programming signup, readings signups, the Carl Brandon Awards, WisCon36 guest of honor nominations, the SignOut, the first timers’ dinner, news about past Tiptree winners attending Wiscon, and the Tiptree Book Club.

And yes, it’s that time you’ve been waiting for…WisCon 35 programming participant sign-up is open through March 18! Come peruse the possibilities: read all about it on the programming page.

Readings signup is now open through March 10! Full instructions are available on the readings page.

eCube #5 now online

eCube #5 is now online, with an announcement about the Tiptree Award’s 20th Anniversary, a revised statement of principles, a call for programming ideas and academic presentations, “help wanted” adverts for volunteers and concom vacancies, and news about WisCholera and James Tiptree, Jr. herself.

eCube 12 is onboard with Wiscon34 Updates!

eCube Number Twelve is onboard and flying to you with major updates:

  • Hotel Reminders & Information
  • Where’s My Name Badge??
  • Access News
  • The Tiptree Bake Sale Needs You!
  • Come One, Come All!
  • Auction Gearing Up
  • Grab The Best Seat In The House!
  • Photographic Etiquette & Privacy Policies
  • WisCon 35 Hotel Reservations, Memberships Available May 30
  • Registration For WisCon 35
  • WisCon Invites You To Peek Behind The Curtain
  • More Info

Go to eCube Number Twelve now.

Progress Report 2 is also available online.