Hot Dog Withdrawal Syndrome

by Jim Leinweber

You may have noticed that this year the con suite doesn’t have hot dogs.  If you are suffering from HDWS (Hot Dog Withdrawal Syndrome), your best fix may be the “OSS” restaurant at 910 Regent ST.  It’s about 1.2 miles from the Concourse, and has no parking, so your best bet might be either a #6 bus or a Madison B-cycle rental.


2 thoughts on “Hot Dog Withdrawal Syndrome”

  1. Just as a piece of feedback, some of us with less economic privilege have counted on the availability of such healthy meal options yo help us make WisCon affordable

    1. Hey, Ian. Thanks for the feedback! The Con Suite organizers are definitely committed to providing healthy food options for everyone with less economic privilege, and have included protein items appropriate for omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans alike. I would invite you to visit the Con Suite and ask us about what the menu options are for the whole weekend so you can better judge the offerings beyond the absence of the hot dogs. If you have any further concerns, please let us know!

      PS: Stop by the Con Suite for dinner tonight and let us know what you think of the brats! We’re going to be slow-cooking them all afternoon, some in beer and some in sauerkraut.

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