Writers’ Workshop open to applications for WisCon 40

Writers’ Workshop

Hey authors — yeah, I mean you there with the manuscript of original fiction. Do you know about the WisCon Writers’ Workshop?

Here’s the short version: The WisCon Writers’ Workshop is an opportunity to share your work with a small but dedicated critique group. You and your group members will be led by a pro writer who will also offer feedback.

Here’s the slightly longer version: The WisCon Writers’ Workshop is a unique opportunity to be grouped with other folks who are working in a similar genre and also take it seriously. No one is going to argue with you about the validity of space opera here. Every writing pro is there to coach their group through the critique process and also to provide valuable feedback on the work.

Workshops are currently designed for fiction. Our complete submission requirements (so hot right now) are on our website. We are always happy to offer the potential of a special section of the Workshop for teen writers if there’s sufficient interest. We also offer a section of the workshop for poetry. Please see the link for more information.

This year’s pros include writers like Chesya Burke and Karen Healey and more.

And what, you might ask, is the cost of attending this magical Workshop? It’s free with the cost of your WisCon registration.

So please be sure to submit your manuscripts by April 15, and join us at 9am on Friday, May 27.

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