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At-Con Newsletter — A Momentary Taste of WisCon

  • contact:  newsletter@wiscon.net

When things change during WisCon — panels are looking for panelists, panelists for another panel change, volunteers are needed in a specific area, and so on — the best way to keep up with things is our at-con newsletter, “A Momentary Taste of WisCon.”

How can you read it?

  • Printed copies of the newsletter are distributed at the Registration/Info Desk on the second floor of the Concourse.
  • Individual articles are posted to our blog and then mirrored under “Announcements” in the WisSched app.
  • PDF copies are archived here on the website.

At-Con Newsletter Archive

  • It’s not WisCon yet!  Check back on May 27 for our first issue.

I have news!

If you have news that you’d like to include in “A Momentary Taste of WisCon,” please contact us at the email address above.  We love article submissions!

Progress Reports

  • contact:  publications@wiscon.net

For each convention we send two progress reports via postal mail — one in the autumn and one in the spring.  Progress reports give you quick updates on the most important aspects of WisCon, and just in general let you know that the convention is alive and well.

Progress Report Archive

You can download our progress reports as PDFs.


If you’d like to receive our paper mailings, log into your wiscon.net account and:

  1. Click “Edit” next to your name, then enter your mailing address;
  2. Go to Preferences and make sure “Do not send me a brochure by mail” is not checked.

E-newsletter — eCube

  • contact:  communications@sf3.org

If you’d like to get our announcements in one convenient package in your email, sign up for eCube.  We publish eCube once a month from September through June, with extra issues in April and May as the convention draws nearer.

We use MailChimp for eCube, and you can sign up right here.  A link to recent issues is below!

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External Communications

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Keeping up with WisCon is easy, even during the convention!


“WisCon, WisCon, Do You Read?” is where we post all our announcements as soon as they’re ready.  Announcements also go out on our current social media:


If you’d like your news all packaged together and delivered directly to your inbox, sign up for eCube, our mostly-monthly email newsletter.

Progress Reports

For each convention, we send two progress reports via postal mail — one in the autumn and one in the spring.

At-Con Newsletter

To keep up with changes at WisCon during WisCon, pick up or download a copy of “A Momentary Taste of WisCon,” our once-daily printed newsletter.

eCube evolutions

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

An early 1990s mimeograph machine, and a sheet of white paper reading "eCube".
This is a legit mimeograph, kids (although used here solely as a prop).

Our monthly (mostly) email newsletter, eCube, is undergoing some transformation.  Much as we’ve loved our typewriters and mimeograph, our photocopiers, our plain text over the years, it’s time to move to something that makes our newsletters a little easier for you to navigate and a bit easier for us to prepare — and that also connects with our website and social media.

As of today, eCube will now be delivered via MailChimp.  If you were already a subscriber, you should have received an email welcoming you to the new service.  If you didn’t receive that email, you can verify your subscription (or subscribe for the first time!) below.

If you’re worried that your eCube may go into your spam folder, add the email sf3communications@sf3.org to your safe sender list.

If you’re a Gmail user, we do want to warn you in advance that Google often routes MailChimp emails to your Promotions tab.  Don’t forget to check for it there if you don’t see it in your inbox!

eCube is still going to come out monthly — and we expect we’ll do twice-a-month newsletters in April and May as we get closer to the convention.  Our email newsletter is a great way to get a handy monthly reminder of all our upcoming deadlines, articles about what’s going on in WisCon planning, and tips on how to make the most of your Memorial Day weekend.

If you have any questions about our transition to MailChimp, you can email me to chat about it: comms_chair@sf3.org

Up the zines!  o/

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External Communications

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For Media

  • contact: communications@sf3.org

a brown manual typewriter with a sheet of paper that reads "WisCon, WisCon, Do You Read?"Reporters, bloggers, media of all type — WisCon and SF3 have a communications team ready to answer your questions! We manage all aspects of external communication for WisCon, from the blog to social media to our email newsletter. If we don’t know the answer right away, we will get it for you! We are entirely volunteer run, so please allow about 36-48 hours for a response to your query. Contact us at at the email address above.

Mailing Lists

Want WisCon news in your inbox?  We have two mailing lists.  Our eCube newsletter is our mostly-monthly email with WisCon announcements and upcoming deadlines.  Our press releases list is for formal announcements — which, generally, amounts to announcing our Guests of Honor for the next convention.

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External Communications

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