Help WisCon Continue to Improve!

Thank you for attending WisCon! Did you enjoy yourself? Did you spot ways that we could have made it a better convention? Please tell us about it! We have two surveys for you.

The general-interest survey.  This survey is for everyone who attended WisCon.  You can tell us about your experience with the hotels, volunteering, restaurants in the area, and so on.  This survey is 68 questions long and will probably take you in the neighborhood of 10 minutes to complete.

The programming survey.  This survey is for anyone who participated in programming — whether it was attending panels, being on a panel, or moderating a panel.  This survey is 35 questions long and will probably take you about 5 minutes to complete.

Both surveys will close by July, so take a few minutes to give us your feedback while WisCon is still fresh in your mind.  Your comments are invaluable as we work to improve WisCon every year!