Gaming Proposals

This is where you describe just what your game is about and what makes it awesome.

Please list at least 3 times that would work for you to run your game below. To assist with scheduling, the chart below shows the panel times for the morning and afternoon panels. If your game is not taking place in the evening, syncing your game with panel times will make scheduling easier. For example, if you have a game that takes just over 2 hours you might write Friday 1:00-3:45, Saturday 1:00-3:45, Sunday 2:30-5:15.

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
8:30-9:45am 8:30-9:45 8:30-9:45 8:30-9:45
10:00-11:15am 10:00-11:15am 10:00-11:15am 10:00-11:15am
11:15-noon 11:15-noon 11:15-noon 11:15-noon
1:00-2:15pm 1:00-2:15pm 1:00-2:15pm  
2:30-3:45pm 2:30-3:45pm 2:30-3:45pm  
4:00-5:15pm 4:00-5:15pm 4:00-5:15pm  

Prior to submitting your game proposal, please become familiar with WisCon's policies. Policies can be found as a menu item on this website.

We also ask that you read and agree to our Code of Conduct, which you can access via the Policies menu or directly via this link: WisCon Code of Conduct.