Food and Beverage Specials at the Concourse for WisCon34

The Madison Concourse is once again offering a 20% food discount voucher for just $10 per person. Just think – you can graze that amazing salad bar (which will be available on both Saturday and Sunday this year) and get 20% off your bill!

The 20% discount only applies to your own food/drink orders; it does not apply to the entire group, unless each person in the group has a discount voucher. Stop by the Front Desk and get your discount voucher today!

Also, check out The Bar at the Concourse – they’ve whipped up some incredible WisCon libations such as the Avatar, A Pandoran Cosmopolitan; A Clockwork Orange, with Absolut Mandarin vodka, amaretto, Baileys, orange juice and cream; The Blade Runner, with light and dark rums enhanced with lime juice, pineapple juice, and aromatic bitters; Iron Man Too (your own personal armor Kir) with peach and pomegranate liqueurs added to sparkling wine; and Zombieland, a mega rum and fruit juice explosion that will have your brain ready for sampling after just one.

Of course, The Fan Boy is always there for you for no charge – water served over ice in a glass with a slice of citrus.

eCube 12 is onboard with Wiscon34 Updates!

eCube Number Twelve is onboard and flying to you with major updates:

  • Hotel Reminders & Information
  • Where’s My Name Badge??
  • Access News
  • The Tiptree Bake Sale Needs You!
  • Come One, Come All!
  • Auction Gearing Up
  • Grab The Best Seat In The House!
  • Photographic Etiquette & Privacy Policies
  • WisCon 35 Hotel Reservations, Memberships Available May 30
  • Registration For WisCon 35
  • WisCon Invites You To Peek Behind The Curtain
  • More Info

Go to eCube Number Twelve now.

Progress Report 2 is also available online.

Take Back the SciFi: WisCon’s response

WisCon members who attended a WisCon 33 panel entitled “Take Back the SciFi,” have expressed serious concerns about the panel’s focus and moderation. They have raised important questions about comments and decisions the moderator made in guiding the conversation and accepting questions during the discussion of personal experiences.

The panel was intended to focus on the use of rape and sexual assault in science fiction writing and the influence of rape culture in the genre. The panel was described as “Sexual assault and rape frequently get used as symbolic plot devices with no consideration about the realities of how these events effect survivors and the people around them and the larger social realities of this epidemic. Sometimes these stories get told well but often they perpetuate social myths and stereotypes that normalize predatory behavior and make survivors complicit. How do authors work to create a culture where stories that perpetuate rape myths are not acceptable? Examples?”

However, as can happen in programming on topics such as this, the discussion shifted to personal experiences of rape and sexual assault. Unfortunately, the panel also became a place in which male survivors, their families, and friends felt marginalized and re-traumatized.

We are very sorry that this occurred. As organizers of a feminist convention, we understand that rape knows no gender.

We thank the panelists and attendees who have expressed their concerns. WisCon’s Convention Committee (ConCom) will continue to discuss these concerns and to respond to people who contact us directly. Also, ConCom members have spoken with the moderator, who may choose to respond individually. Moderators, like all program participants, are volunteers who express interest in a panel. Although we believe the moderator had no intent to harm, we know that harm occurred and we take that harm seriously. In response to member suggestions, this programming item will be offered again at WisCon 34 in a facilitated discussion format to encourage audience participation.

We understand that panelists and attendees will continue to engage in dialogue about this panel, and we welcome any additional suggestions that arise from these discussions. Please contact us at

Sunday Programming Changes

Panel 151, Judging the Tiptree
Sunday, 8:30-9:45 am, Senate B
Gavin Grant was unable to attend WisCon.

Panel 152, The Etiquette of Self Promotion
Sunday, 8:30-9:45 am, Wisconsin
Marianne Kirby will also be on this panel.

Reading 162, Scotch and Bacon
Sunday, 10-11:15 am, Conference 2
Gregory Frost was unable to attend WisCon.

Panel 174, The Obligatory Workshop Panel
Sunday, 1-2:15 pm, Wisconsin
Debbie Lynn Smith was unable to attend WisCon.
Alex Wilson will also be on this panel.

Panel 175, Battlestar Galactica: Our Sine Qua Non
Sunday, 1-2:15 pm, Capitol A
Michael Underwood was unable to attend WisCon.
Larry Sanderson will also be on this panel.

Panel 183, Fathers and Daughters in SF & F
Sunday, 1-2:15 pm, 629
Greer Gilman was unable to attend WisCon.

Panel 186, Hey, Wait a Minute…
Sunday, 2:30-3:45 pm, Caucus
Michael Underwood was unable to attend WisCon.
John Helfers will also be on this panel.

Panel 187, Adapt, Revise, Revisit
Sunday, 2:30-3:45 pm, Senate A
Debbie Lynn Smith was unable to attend WisCon.
Bill “whump” Humphries will also be on this panel.

Panel 223, Women of the Horror Film: The British Fears
Sunday, 10-11:15 pm, Caucus
This panel was moved to Saturday, 10:30-11:45

Panel 225, Death Is Weirder Than We Think
Sunday, 10-11:15 pm, Senate B
Gregory Frost was unable to attend WisCon.
Catherine Cheek will be moderating this panel.
Kerrie Hughes will also be on this panel.

Joan Vinge was unable to attend WisCon.

Alex Lamb was unable to attend WisCon.

Volunteering in the Con Suite

The Con Suite is a great resource for everyone – but it doesn’t run itself. This is especially so given the new food safety procedures in place, which require more intensive work, and less casual help (for example, those serving food must wash up and wear gloves and aprons.) This is putting a lot more stress on our regulars in the Con Suite, who do yeoperson work keeping us fed.

Help support our Con Suite by signing up for a shift or two, especially for mealtimes and party time. The signup is just to the right of the hot dog grill. It’s a great way to meet people – like Rick’s, everyone comes to the con suite sooner or later – (hey, I served Geoff Ryman a hot dog last night!) and it really, really helps out WisCon.

And remember, those who volunteer for six hours or more are eligible for a membership rebate…