WisCon 41 Ideas

What do you want WisCon to look like in 2017?  Here’s your chance to tell us!

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If you attended WisCon 40, here’s your chance to tell us what you thought.

Suggest a Guest of Honor for WisCon 41!

Suggestions for Guests of Honor come from the community!  Nominating is as easy as sending an email to gohnoms@wiscon.net with the person’s name and a few sentences about why you think they’re a good fit for WisCon. What makes someone a good fit? Review our Statement of Principles to get a sense of what WisCon is about. Also check out our list of previous Guests of Honor to see who we’ve invited in the past.

Suggest a program item for WisCon 41

The vast majority of our panels come from your suggestions.  From the end of WisCon 40 until the end of January 2017, you can tell us what program items you think should run at WisCon 41.  Use our form to send in your suggestion!  You can use the form without logging in, or you can log into your (free!) WisCon account if you’d like to receive email confirmation that your suggestion was received.