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WisCon Academic Call for Papers: Deadline February 23

Lauren J. Lacey & Alexis Lothian
Academic Programming

We invite you to submit papers, panels, and presentations for Academic Programming at WisCon 41! Join us for a weekend dedicated to imagining, exploring, and critiquing alternate worlds, technological transformations, and the possibilities and processes for creating the feminist, decolonial, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-fascist futures we so badly need.

WisCon has a track of academic programming that is open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and independent scholars. One of the benefits of this track is that it strengthens the links between the wider feminist science fiction community and students and other scholars working on feminist science fiction and fantasy and related fields. The track operates very much like a conventional academic conference, with presentations based on individual or collaborative research. However, scholarly work on all aspects of feminist science fiction reaches an audience at WisCon that gives a kind of passionate and informed feedback that is rare at academic conferences.

We invite proposals from anyone with a scholarly interest in the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability with science fiction — broadly defined — in literature, media, culture, and politics. We particularly welcome scholarship on the work of our Guests of Honor, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Amal El-Mohtar, and on the histories and cultures of feminist and social-justice-oriented fan communities. We encourage submissions from scholars in all fields, including interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary areas, and from amateur and independent scholars as well as graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.


The deadline for submitting proposals for our Academic Programming is Thursday, Feb. 23, at 11:59pm Central Time.

An incomplete list of possible subjects

  • The political work of speculative imagination in the new age of right-wing populism
  • Speculative aspects of feminist and social justice movements
  • Science fiction and feminist science and technology studies
  • Gender, sexuality, race, class, and disability in individual works of science fiction and fantasy, especially in the works of our Guests of Honor
  • Feminist, queer, critical race, and critical disability analysis of science fiction and fantasy in media (film, television, music, video games, online culture)
  • Race, colonialism, and speculative fiction; Afrofuturism and related cultural movements
  • Fan cultures and communities
  • Teaching feminist science fiction and other aspects of feminist pedagogy
  • Feminist practice and speculative fiction in academic institutions

An incomplete list of possible formats

  • 15-20 minute paper presentations, with or without visual accompaniment
  • Groups of presentations submitted together as panels
  • Presentation of scholarly creative works, including digital scholarship
  • Readings from recently published or forthcoming scholarly books
  • Discussion-based panels and roundtables on scholarly research, teaching, or service
  • Mentoring sessions on academic professional life: graduate study, the job market, tenure and promotion, publishing and presentation, doing scholarship outside conventional institutions
  • Screenings and discussions of short films or videos

Submitting your proposal

Submit your proposal using our online form (requires a WisCon login). You will be asked for a 100-word abstract, which will be printed in the convention’s program, and for a more detailed proposal of up to 500 words. If you are proposing something other than a traditional paper, please make sure you describe the format of your proposed program item. A projector and screen will be available; if you have further technological needs, please let us know in your proposal.

Announcing a new workshop on feminist scholarship!

This year, for the first time, we will be running a workshop on feminist science fiction scholarship as part of WisCon’s Writers’ Workshop, which takes place on Friday, May 26, before the conventional officially begins. The deadline for submitting work will be in April.  Further announcements will be made on the WisCon blog and listed on the Academic Programming page.

If you have any questions, contact us via email:

WisCon 41 Call for Programming Ideas!!

Tanya DePass and JP Fairfield
Programming Co-Leads

It’s that time of year again! One of many reminders to come that program ideas submissions are open!  The WisCon 41 Programming team looks forward to receiving all of the awesome ideas YOU have to offer!

We invite you to submit programming ideas for WisCon 41 through Friday, Jan 20. To submit an idea, visit our program idea submission form.  You can use the form without logging in, or you can log into your WisCon account if you’d like to receive email confirmation that your suggestion was received.

Please note that starting this year there will be a hard stop for accepting program idea submissions.  Unfortunately, the WisCon 41 Programming team will not be able to accept any program ideas after the Jan. 20 (11:59pm Central Time!) cutoff.  Make sure to submit your ideas before the deadline!

We can’t wait to see your suggestions!

Get ready for WisCon 41!

Chris Wallish
SF3 Communications Committee

It’s 9am on the Sunday morning of WisCon, and that means — if you’re ready to starting thinking about WisCon 41, then so are we!

WisCon registration is open for you to buy your membership!  Memberships remain $50 for adult memberships for another year.

The Concourse reservation system is available for you to book your room.  If you’re at the Concourse today, there’s also a reservations agent at the front desk who can help you book your room.

Idea submission is open!  Sometimes your best programming ideas for next year’s WisCon happen during this year’s convention.  This year we’re also opening Guest of Honor nominations at the same time!

Help us by nominating Guests of Honor for WisCon 41!

Jackie Lee
SF3 President

Past GOHes posing at WisCon 30. (Photo courtesy of Jeanne Gomoll, GOH at WisCon 24.)
Past GOHes posing at WisCon 30. (Photo courtesy of Jeanne Gomoll, GOH at WisCon 24.)

Do you have a favorite author whose books you love chatting up to family, friends, and people on the bus? Would you enjoy a weekend of discussions about their work? The chance to have them sign your copies of their books? Consider nominating that author to be a Guest of Honor at WisCon!

Oh yes, we’re still deep in planning for WisCon 40. But planning for WisCon 41 starts now — and even though 2017 seems very far off, we would love for you to submit suggestions for Guests of Honor for WisCon 41.

Nominating is as easy as sending an email to with the person’s name and a few sentences about why you think they’re a good fit for WisCon. What makes someone a good fit? Review our Statement of Principles to get a sense of what WisCon is about. Also check out our list of previous Guests of Honor to see who we’ve invited in the past.

Don’t be shy! Maybe you’ve been a Guest of Honor yourself and now would like to see someone else so honored. Or perhaps you’ve never attended a WisCon, but you know just the person who would be the perfect fit as a Guest of Honor. Everyone is welcome to submit a nomination!

Submissions are open through December 31st.